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The preference browser.urlbar.trimURLs controls whether the protocol http and the trailing slash behind domain name (if the open page is exactly the domain name) are hidden.

  • Type:boolean
  • Default value:  true
  • Exists by default: yes
  • Application support:Firefox 7.0
  • Status: Active; last updated 2012-04-03
  • Introduction: Pushed to Nightly on 2011-06-23
  • Bugs: bug 665580 


true (default)
If the active url is exactly the domain name, the trailing slash (/) behind the top level domain will be hidden. If the address starts with http:// and neither starts with a ftp. subdomain nor contains @ (usually for ftp login information), the http:// prefix will be hidden.

Examples: becomes, becomes and remains unchanged.
All parts of the url are shown.