Participating in the Mozilla project

If you're interested in helping to fix bugs and otherwise work on the code behind the Mozilla platform, this is the place to find the documentation that will point you in the right direction.

General topics

Mozilla developer guide
Development tips and guides for contributing to the Mozilla codebase.
Mozilla source code
Information about how to get the Mozilla code, whether by download or through version control, and how to get your code into the tree.
Build documentation
Information about how to build Mozilla projects, including Firefox and Thunderbird. This page needs cleanup.
The Mozilla platform
Information about the Mozilla platform, including all of its APIs and technologies, as well as how to use them in your own projects.
Documenting Mozilla
Help us create and improve our documentation for Mozilla and the open Web.
Useful tips and guidelines to follow when debugging Mozilla code.
Quality assurance
Information about testing and bug tracking.
Documentation about translating Mozilla projects, documentation, and other content into multiple languages.
Terms and definitions used by Mozilla hackers.

Project pages

Mozilla's email client
Mozilla's calendar project


The Bugzilla database used to track issues for Mozilla projects.
Browse and search the Mozilla source code repository on the Web.
The Bonsai tool lets you find out who changed what file in the repository, and when they did it. (This is for Firefox 3.0 and older.)
Tinderbox shows the status of the tree (whether or not it currently builds successfully).  Check this before checking in and out, to be sure you're working with a working tree.
Crash tracking
Information about the Socorro crash reporting system.
Developer forums
A topic-specific list of discussion forums where you can talk about Mozilla development issues.