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Mobile Add-on Challenge


Your Challenge
Develop and submit a Firefox mobile add-on by Monday, April 12, 2010. Your mobile add-on must be compatible with the latest version of Firefox mobile and be compliant with our mobile UI style guide.

We welcome any and all innovations that support a positive mobile user experience. The top 10 most compatible add-ons that show innovation by considering the mobile context, as well as a great user experience, will be selected as winners by our judges.

Here are some examples of add-on themes that we think will really enhance the functionality of Firefox for mobile:

  • Using device APIs: js-ctypes (Fennec 1.0) might be used to hook into the device (addressbook or camera) and add functionality to a Web app by making a pagemod (jetpack- or greasemonkey-like add-on)
    Check out these helpful resources around js-cytypes:
        ctypes on Mobile Developer Center
        blog post using GStreamer js-ctypes
  • Photo, media, social and sharing tools: Create a social aggregator for quickly viewing streams from Twitter, Facebook, etc; Create a tool for sharing images, links and text
  • Saving files and Session Restore: Save as PDF, Save Image, Remember last open tabs, etc.

Getting Started
Firefox for Maemo and Windows Mobile (alpha) both support add-ons. In fact, the same add-ons could be used on both platforms and will soon be supported on Android, so develop early and extend your reach astronomically! Here’s a list of useful resources to get you started:

*Please review the UI Best Practices carefully as we are more likely to feature an add-on that complies with our suggestions.

In preparation for our next major release of Firefox for mobile devices, please ensure your mobile add-on minimum and maximum version is compatible with the Maemo, Windows Mobile AND Android platforms. If you update your add-on’s maxVer in the Developer Control Panel to “1.1a1″, they will work with the latest version of Firefox across all available platforms. This may need to be updated as the Challenge deadline nears.

Why Should You Care
We're going places! Firefox 1.0 for the Maemo platform launched in early 2010. This year, we expect to launch Firefox for popular Android phones as well. That means, in a short amount of time, Firefox Add-ons will be accessible to thousands upon thousands of mobile users who want them. Firefox is the world's only Web browser to support mobile add-ons and early exposure on the Firefox platform is a great way to get your mobile innovation in front of people and press around the globe. 

Need Assistance?
Talk to Mark Finkle on IRC (#mobile) should you have any questions developing your mobile add-on. Read one his blog entries on developing mobile add-ons.

Stay Connected

Top 10 Winners Receive
A new Nokia N900*
Firefox mobile official launch t-shirt
Firefox mobile phone cover
Promotion of your add-on!

*If you do not wish to receive a Nokia N900, you have the choice of receiving an item of Mozilla Store merchandise of your choice.

Contest Rules
Please see complete Contest Rules for more information.

Good luck!

Thank you to Forum Nokia, Nokia's Developer portal for supporting this Add-on Developer Challenge, check out their upcoming Nokia Developer Summit.