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Student Projects

Summer 2012

See How I got involved with Mozilla and try to bring new contributors on Frédéric's blog for an overview of contributions.

Dynamic MathML (Andrii Zui)

Andrii has been accepted to the Google Summer of Code 2012.

mtable refactoring (Quentin Headen)

Summer 2011

Implementation of new MathML features in Mozilla's layout engine (Jonathan Hage)

During a two months internship, Jonathan worked on miscellaneous bugs like

  • Supporting names for negative space bug 650530
  • Updating mozilla/src/layout/mathml/tests/ bug 557084
  • Supporting the displaystyle attribute on the <math/> element bug 669719

He also added support for the mpadded@voffset attribute bug 557474 and worked on the munderover element:

Finally he started to work on some bugs

  • Unify parsing of length and mpadded attributes bug 677036
  • Removing namedspace value overriding bug 673759
  • Default value for lspace/rspace should be thickmathspace bug 662756

Jonathan's patches have all been integrated into Firefox 7 or 8. The remaining work on other bugs have been finished by Frédéric later. Currently, Jonathan is no longer involved in the Mozilla MathML project.

Summer 2007

Enhancing MathML support in Mozilla (Vladimir Sukhoy)

Vladimir's plan was to unbreak MathML on trunk but because it was too much work for a summer project, he wanted to start by implementing the MathML DOM in order to get familiar with the code base.

Unfortunately, most of his changes do not seem to have been integrated in the trunk. Some of the bugs he worked on have been fixed by other people. Notably, Karl has restored MathML support on trunk. DOM is now removed from MathML 3 and we do not have any plans to implement it. Vladimir is no longer active in the Mozilla MathML project.