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Localization (L10n) is the process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture. These resources are for anyone with an interest in the technical aspects involved in localization. They are for developers and all contributors.


Application Translation with Mercurial
First, get the required programs to compile Mozilla applications like Firefox and Thunderbird from Build Instructions. This is only necessary once.
Localization notes
Localizers usually work on the localizable files without the context of the source files including the localized strings; it is important to add comments to the localizable files themselves, too. These comments are generally referred to as localization notes. There is an established format for those, which is described in this document.
Localization quick start guide
This guide is filled with all of the basic, technical information you need to get involved in the Mozilla l10n program.
Localization sign-off reviews
This article presents an overview of why we do sign-off reviews of localizations, the details on the criteria used for the sign-off reviews, and the process for requesting a review and for following its progress.
Localization technical reviews
This guide provides details on what a localization technical review is, what criteria are used for the technical reviews, and the process for requesting one and following its progress.
Localization: Frequently asked questions
This page lists tweaks and tips that may not require a complete page on its own. For more detailed documentation about localization in general, see our Localization page.


Join the localization community on our mailing list or newsgroup:

Also, be sure to join in the live discussion in the #l10n channel on IRC.

These topics may also be of interest:

Localizing extension descriptions
This article provides details on how to go about localizing the descriptions of Mozilla add-ons, as well as for other metadata about your add-on.
Localizing with Verbatim
Verbatim is a web-based tool (specifically a Mozilla-hosted Pootle instance) for localizing Mozilla web content. It can be used to localize a variety of Mozilla projects and is capable of supporting any language. This guide will walk you through localizing a common Mozilla web project.
Uplifting a localization from Central to Aurora
Localizers who are working on l10n-central are responsible for getting their work onto the Aurora repository.
Writing localizable code
This page tells you about best practices and guidelines when dealing with UI code with respect to localization. It is aimed at Mozilla and extension developers.

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