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Instantbird is an instant messaging application with close ties to Mozilla. These pages document Instantbird and also provide links to documentation about the Chat Core backend which is also used in Thunderbird.

Instantbird is built on the same technical platform as Firefox. Originally proposed as a Google Summer of Code project to create an XUL interface around libpurple (the backend of Pidgin). Instantbird was not accepted, but was started anyway in 2007, it has since grown beyond being a simple frontend for libpurple to having protocols of it's own.

Building Instantbird
Information about building Instantbird from the comm-central repository.
Chat Core
The backend code, including rough documentation about chat protocols (prplIProtocol and friends).
Message styles
Information about theming the display of messages.
Keyboard shortcuts
List of keyboard shortcuts.
Latest nightly builds
These are generally stable, but expect some breakage from time to time and file bugs.

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