How to connect WebIDE to TV (VIERA CX/CR series)

The first smart TV powered by Firefox OS — the Panasonic VIERA Smart TV — is now officially released in several countries. Just like all Firefox OS-powered devices, the VIERA has built-in Devtool functionality to help developers build and debug their apps quicker and more efficiently. This article gives you what you need to start using Devtools on the VIERA.

Note: Before enabling the Devtools, please read the following detail schedule and version to make sure your TV supports WebIDE, as described below.

Schedule and version

After being updated to the listed version or higher, the Panasonic VIERA TVs start to support the WebIDE connecting functionality.

The software release schedule and versions are:

July 2015:

  • EU                             July 21        V3.206
  • US                             July 28        V2.205
  • ASIA/OCEANIA        July 28        V4.206
  • BRAZIL                     July 28        V7.205
  • LATIN                       July 28        V9.205

August 2015:

  • JAPAN                      August 26            

Update instructions:

  1. Select Menu > Network > Software Update menu options.
  2. Launch some specified apps from AppsDeck, such as "Market" app, to trigger the updating prompt window.

Enabling “Devtools” (from the “About Firefox OS” menu)

First you need to enable the Devtools on the TV.

  1. Press the “MENU” key on the remote to launch the “Main Menu.”
  2. Select “Help.”
  3. Select “About Firefox OS.”

    The MENU, Help, About Firefox OS menu option in the Firefox OS VIERA TV.

  4. When the ”About Firefox OS” window displays, please press the “RED” key on the remote for 10 seconds till “Devtool” appears
    • (“Red” means "warning", and pressing for 10 seconds is required to avoid unintended enabling.)

    The option to turn Devtools on and off on the Firefox OS VIERA TV.

  5. Turn "Devtools" On.
  6. Please read the instructions to understand the risks behind enabling this function:

    A dialog warning about the risks of turning on the Devtools on the Firefox OS VIERA TV.

Connecting the TV to WebIDE via the network

The following instructions allow you to connect your TV to the WebIDE Devtool on your Firefox desktop installation via the network.

Note: Please confirm both TV and PC connect to the same network. You can check/connect Wifi network by pressing MENU > Network.

Finding the IP address of the TV

  1. Press the “MENU” key on the remote to launch the "Main Menu."
  2. Select “Network”:

    The Network, Network Status menu option on the Firefox OS VIERA TV.

  3. Select “Network Status” to see the network details.
  4. Select “Status Details.”
  5. Here you can see the IP Address of the TV — write it down somewhere, as you'll need this later.
    • It shows in the screenshot below:

      VIERA Menu network status

  6. Press the “Exit” button to exit this menu.

Connecting the WebIDE tool to your TV

  1. Open Firefox on your PC, and Launch the WebIDE tool (press the WebIDE button, or choose the Tools > Web Developer > WebIDE menu option.)
  2. In the upper right corner of the WebIDE window, click ”Select Runtime” then click the ”Remote Runtime” option.
    • Fill in “hostname:port” as follows:
      • hostname: The IP address of the TV you noted down earlier.
      • port: 52222 (52222 is the TV's fixed port number.)

Allowing the connection from WebIDE

When your WebIDE connects to your TV, a connection prompt dialog appears, as seen below. If you select “OK,” the connection between WebIDE and your TV will be established. Only 1 connection request is handled at a time (that is, during this popup dialog, other requests will be rejected).

The Firefox OS VIERA TV remote debugging incoming request permission screen.

Note: If the app you are installing contains inappropriate permissions or is a Certified app, the installation fails.