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Building Firefox OS

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Building Firefox OS
Building Firefox OS
"B2G", "Firefox OS", "Build documentation", "Guide"
"Guide", "B2G", "Firefox OS", "Build documentation"

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nn153      </li>
154    </ol>
153        <h2 id="Known_errors">155    <h2 id="Known_errors">
154          Known errors156      Known errors
155        </h2>157    </h2>
156        <ul>158    <ul>
157          <li>159      <li>
158            <h3 id="Undefined_symbols_.22_sqlite3_androidopt_hand160        <h3 id="Undefined_symbols_.22_sqlite3_androidopt_handle_p
159              Undefined symbols "_sqlite3_androidopt_handle_pragm161          Undefined symbols "_sqlite3_androidopt_handle_pragma" a
>a" and "_sqlite3_androidopt_open">nd "_sqlite3_androidopt_open"
160            </h3>162        </h3>
161          </li>163      </li>
162        </ul>164    </ul>
163        <p>165    <p>
164          This error appears if you are building on OS X 10.7 or 166      This error appears if you are building on OS X 10.7 or newe
>newer with XCode 4.5 or newer. To fix this, apply the patch at <a>r with XCode 4.5 or newer. To fix this, apply the patch at <a hre
> href="!msg/android-building/yAf>f="!msg/android-building/yAfPyUq
>oid-building/yAfPyUqCsiQ/7zvICk4GWjYJ</a> to the external/sqlite/>building/yAfPyUqCsiQ/7zvICk4GWjYJ</a> to the external/sqlite/dist
>dist/ file.>/ file.
165        </p>167    </p>
166        <ul>168    <ul>
167          <li>169      <li>
168            <h3 id="KeyedVector.h.3A193.3A31.3A_error.3A_indexOfK170        <h3 id="KeyedVector.h.3A193.3A31.3A_error.3A_indexOfKey_w
169              KeyedVector.h:193:31: error: indexOfKey was not dec171          KeyedVector.h:193:31: error: indexOfKey was not declare
>lared in this scope>d in this scope
170            </h3>172        </h3>
171          </li>173      </li>
172        </ul>174    </ul>
173        <p>175    <p>
174          This error appears when your gcc version is too recent.176      This error appears when your gcc version is too recent. Ins
> Install gcc/g++/g++-multilib 4.6.x versions.>tall gcc/g++/g++-multilib 4.6.x versions.
175        </p>177    </p>
176        <p>178    <p>
177          See <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Customizati179      See <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Customization_w
>on_with_the_.userconfig_file" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Customiza>ith_the_.userconfig_file" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Customization
>tion_with_the_.userconfig_file">Customizing with the .userconfig >_with_the_.userconfig_file">Customizing with the .userconfig file
>file</a> for more information.></a> for more information.
178        </p>180    </p>
179        <div class="note">181    <div class="note">
180          <p>182      <p>
181            <strong>Community Note:</strong> It is possible to us183        <strong>Community Note:</strong> It is possible to use gc
>e gcc 4.7.x with slight modifications to the B2G code (gcc will g>c 4.7.x with slight modifications to the B2G code (gcc will guide
>uide you) but you won't get any help! Neither with modifying the > you) but you won't get any help! Neither with modifying the code
>code nor with bugs you encounter.> nor with bugs you encounter.
182          </p>184      </p>
183        </div>185    </div>
184        <ul>186    <ul>
185          <li>187      <li>
186            <h3 id="arm-linux-androideabi-g.2B.2B.3A_Internal_err188        <h3 id="arm-linux-androideabi-g.2B.2B.3A_Internal_error.3
187              arm-linux-androideabi-g++: Internal error: Killed (189          arm-linux-androideabi-g++: Internal error: Killed (prog
>program cc1plus)>ram cc1plus)
188            </h3>190        </h3>
189          </li>191      </li>
190        </ul>192    </ul>
191        <p>193    <p>
192          If you see this message, it most likely means that free194      If you see this message, it most likely means that free mem
> memory is lacking. Ensure there is enough free memory before run>ory is lacking. Ensure there is enough free memory before running
>ning <code>./</code>. It should run fine if you system ha> <code>./</code>. It should run fine if you system has 4G
>s 4GB of RAM.>B of RAM.
195    </p>
196    <ul>
197      <li>
198        <h3>
199          while building the emulator: /usr/bin/ld: out/host/linu
 >x-x86/obj/EXECUTABLES/triangleCM_intermediates/triangleCM: hidden
 > symbol `_XGetRequest' in out/host/linux-x86/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES
 >/libSDL_intermediates/libSDL.a(SDL_x11dyn.o) is referenced by DSO
193        </p>200        </h3>
201      </li>
202    </ul>
203    <p>
204      You can get this with some versions in binutils. If you run
 > Debian Stable, you can use the <em>gold</em> linker by installin
 >g the package <code>binutils-gold</code>. Note that the <em>gold<
 >/em> linker is already installed by <code>binutils</code>, but it
 >'s not used by default, <code>binutils-gold</code> does just that
205    </p>
194        <ul>206    <ul>
195          <li>207      <li>
196            <h3 id="If_you_get_build_errors_while_the_build_syste208        <h3 id="If_you_get_build_errors_while_the_build_system_is
197              If you get build errors while the build system is r209          If you get build errors while the build system is runni
>unning tests>ng tests
198            </h3>210        </h3>
199          </li>211      </li>
200        </ul>212    </ul>
201        <p>213    <p>
202          Sometimes (especially after build tool or operating sys214      Sometimes (especially after build tool or operating system 
>tem updates) you'll get weird errors like this when the build sys>updates) you'll get weird errors like this when the build system 
>tem runs its post-build tests:>runs its post-build tests:
203        </p>215    </p>
204        <pre>216    <pre>
n214        <p>n226    <p>
215          In this situation, try deleting the <code>gaia/xulrunne227      In this situation, try deleting the <code>gaia/xulrunner-sd
>r-sdk</code> directory and re-pulling the code:>k</code> directory and re-pulling the code:
216        </p>228    </p>
217        <pre>229    <pre>
t220        <p>t232    <p>
221          This deletes the downloaded, precompiled copy of <a hre233      This deletes the downloaded, precompiled copy of <a href="/
>f="/en-US/docs/XULRunner" title="/en-US/docs/XULRunner">XULRunner>en-US/docs/XULRunner" title="/en-US/docs/XULRunner">XULRunner</a>
></a> that the build system retrieves automatically; on your next > that the build system retrieves automatically; on your next buil
>build, a new copy of XULRunner will be automatically retrieved.>d, a new copy of XULRunner will be automatically retrieved.
222        </p>234    </p>
223        <h2 id="Next_steps">235    <h2 id="Next_steps">
224          Next steps236      Next steps
225        </h2>237    </h2>
226        <p>238    <p>
227          After building, your next step depends on whether you b239      After building, your next step depends on whether you built
>uilt Boot to Gecko for the emulator or for a real mobile device; > Boot to Gecko for the emulator or for a real mobile device; see 
>see the following articles for details:>the following articles for details:
228        </p>240    </p>
229        <ul>241    <ul>
230          <li>242      <li>
231            <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G243        <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G_emu
>_emulators" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G_emulators">Us>lators" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G_emulators">Using 
>ing the B2G emulators</a>>the B2G emulators</a>
232          </li>244      </li>
233          <li>245      <li>
234            <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G246        <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G_des
>_desktop_client" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G_desktop_>ktop_client" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Using_the_B2G_desktop_clie
>client">Using the B2G desktop client</a>>nt">Using the B2G desktop client</a>
235          </li>247      </li>
236          <li>248      <li>
237            <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Installing_on249        <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Installing_on_a_m
>_a_mobile_device" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Installing_on_a_mobil>obile_device" title="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Installing_on_a_mobile_de
>e_device">Installing Boot to Gecko on a mobile device</a>>vice">Installing Boot to Gecko on a mobile device</a>
238          </li>250      </li>
239          <li>251      <li>
240            <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Pandaboard" t252        <a href="/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Pandaboard" title
>itle="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Pandaboard">Installing Boot to Gecko on >="Mozilla/Firefox_OS/Pandaboard">Installing Boot to Gecko on a pa
>a pandaboard</a>>ndaboard</a>
241          </li>253      </li>
242        </ul>
243      </li>
244    </ol>254    </ul>

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