Uploading symbols to Mozilla's symbol server

As a third-party releasing your own builds of Firefox or B2G, you should consider uploading debug symbols from the builds to Mozilla's symbol server. If you have not disabled crash reporting in your builds, crash reports will be submitted to Mozilla's crash reporting server. Without the debug symbols that match your build the crash reports will not contain actionable information.

Symbols can be uploaded either via a web browser or a web API.

Building a Symbol Package

To upload symbols, you need to build a symbol package. This is a .zip file which contains the symbol files in a specific directory structure.

If you are building Firefox,or a similar application using the Mozilla build system, you can build the symbol package using a make target:

./mach buildsymbols

This will create a symbol package in dist/ named something like firefox-77.0a1.en-US.linux-x86_64.crashreporter-symbols.zip.

This step requires the dump_syms tool which should have been automatically installed when you setup the Firefox build with ./mach bootstrap. If for some reason it's missing or outdated running the bootstrap step again will retrieve and install an up-to-date version of the tool.

Uploading symbols

Symbols are uploaded via your account on symbols.mozilla.org or using an API token. Visit https://symbols.mozilla.org and log in. Then request upload permission by filing a bug in the Tecken component using this template. If you don't have an account yet use the template to request one.

After symbol upload is turned on, you can upload the symbol archive directly using the web form at https://symbols.mozilla.org/uploads. It is also possible to upload via automated scripts: see the symbol upload API docs for more details.