Reference build configurations

This is prelimiary documentation and is subject to change.

The following tables define the "reference" machine configurations and configure options that are used to build the official Firefox release binaries produced by the Mozilla Corporation.

We're aiming for binary compatibility with a set of Linux distributions.

Standard Tools

Operating System Tools Configure flags
All Platforms <tt>

--enable-debugger-info-modules=all # Required for talkback

Windows XP SP2

cygwin with custom packages
blat 2.5.0
7-zip 4.32
UPX 1.25
NSIS 2.17

Mac OS X 10.4.6 Intel build tools

XCode 2.1
OpenDarwin... need more info
OSXVNC server... need more info


gcc 3.3.20030304




gcc 4.0.??




Version-specific Tools

CVS branch
Operating System Tools Configure flags
Mozilla 1.9 (trunk)
Windows XP SP2 MSVC 8 Pro
Mac OS X 10.4.6
Linux TBD GCC 4.0.5 (not yet released!)