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    Building JavaXPCOM


    JavaXPCOM provides a bridge for Java applications to embed Gecko and use XPCOM components. Building JavaXPCOM requires an installed JDK and a few build options.


    Building JavaXPCOM requires an installed JDK.

    Build Options

    To enable building the JavaXPCOM components, you must build the "java" extension. This is normally accomplished with the following flag in your mozconfig file:

    ac_add_options --enable-javaxpcom

    The configure code must be able to find the installed JDK. You must either set the <tt>JAVA_HOME</tt> environment variable to point to the directory of your JDK installation, or specify the additional configure flag:

    ac_add_options --with-java-include-path=dir
    ac_add_options --with-java-bin-path=dir

    Note: If you are building on Mac OS X and you do not specify the <tt>--with-java-include-path</tt> or <tt>--with-java-bin-path</tt> configure flags, the build defaults to <tt>/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers</tt>.


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