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    BeOS Prerequisites


    This page describes the requirements for building software on BeOS or yellowTab Zeta.


    • Disk space: Optimized (stripped) builds require about 600 MB including source; for debug builds, expect 2 GB.
    • 256 MB or more memory are recommened; more is better, especially for debug builds.


    You need the following software:

    • These are part of Zeta, but may need to be installed on other BeOS versions:
    • gcc 2.95.3, available from Bebits: gcc page
      Please use version 2.95.3, not the later version. After installation according to the package instructions, BeOS R5 users must delete the symlink /boot/develop/tools/gcc-2.95.3_binutils-2.15/lib/gcc-lib/i586-pc-beos/2.95.3-beos-041202/specs, then right-click on specs.R5 in the same folder, create a link and rename this new link specs.
      • The compiler that ships with Zeta can only use -O1 (also known as -O) optimization; higher optimization levels will cause Mozilla to not work correctly.
    • glib and libIDL, available from mozilla contrib beos pages
      The sample .mozconfig assumes these are installed in /boot/home.

    The .mozconfig file

    In addition to the general .mozconfig contents described in Configuring Build Options, this file should contain:

    export GLIB_CONFIG=/boot/home/glib-libIDL-beos/glib/bin/glib-config
    mk_add_options GLIB_CONFIG=/boot/home/glib-libIDL-beos/glib/bin/glib-config
    export LIBIDL_CONFIG=/boot/home/glib-libIDL-beos/libIDL/bin/libIDL-config
    mk_add_options LIBIDL_CONFIG=/boot/home/glib-libIDL-beos/libIDL/bin/libIDL-config
    ac_add_options --disable-updater

    A more thorough discussion about building SeaMonkey and Firefox under BeOS is on the Bebits Wiki.

    Note: Mozilla for BeOS requires RTTI, so do not use the --disable-cpp-rtti option.

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