Adding Files to the Build

All platforms are using the same set of makefiles for the build so all you have to do is edit files (and possibly toolkit/ if you add new makefiles).


Don't forget to check TreeHerder after you check in!

Adding files to the build

  • Edit files to add new source files, and export header files.
  • Dependencies are specified in too
  • If you add a new directory to the build, you have to add the directory to the list of subdirectories in ../
  • Some directories are special, and you need to list new directories in toolkit/ The files listed here are not specific to the toolkit/ directory, so if your makefile is not yet being processed correctly, try to add it here.
  • On platforms that build with gcc, because of the symbol visibility, you might have to check System Headers to make sure they are properly wrapped.

Checking in

Adding new files to the build can cause breakage on tinderbox and to other developers if things aren't checked in the correct order.

  1. Check in only the new files.
  2. Check in the patches to existing files that make your new files get used.

Exporting files

Exporting a file makes it get copied to mozilla/dist. C and C++ header files are exported by including them the EXPORTS list in, and IDL files are exported by including them in the XPIDLSRCS list.

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