Why Contribute To Mozilla

Mozilla is a free open source community, that enables its users to develop and share in the promotion and provision of Mozilla products. Members of the Mozilla community had become involved in the creation of other browsers and development tools. As a result, the vast contributions to Mozilla had enabled people to having the choice on how they experience the Internet. 


Opportunity to Learn Something New

Writing code for Open Source present for a better learning opportunitiy, it also enables users to get help from the Mozilla community, especially if they are encountering problems in their code. 

As contributing to Mozilla enables users to get to know Open Source developers around the world, who can then help solve such problems and enables them to encounter people who have similar interests.

Furthermore, it is an amazing platform to enables users to try out new tools and techniques on Open Source projects. For instance users who have never done any unit testing, and cannot get permission from work or university to do so, can use Mozilla to write some Open Source code to test it out. 

Interesting and Challenging

Contributing to Mozilla can enable individuals with challenges that haven't been faced before, thus encouraging them to become a better Open Source developer.  Furthermore, writing software which is useful to the entire Open Source community can help in the creation of other tools or software.

It Looks Good on a Resume

More and more employers are looking at community contributions. They like to see that you're blogging and contributing to mailing lists. Seeing you listed as a committee on an Open Source project can also help with the work experience section of your resume. 

How to contribute to Mozilla ?

There are many projects for which you can contribute to Mozilla some of which are as follows:

  • Coding: If you are interested in coding you can contribute to the Mozilla codebase, Firefox Addons, Thunderbird, Deep Speech, Rust, and many more.
  • Addons: Mozilla products have a powerful extension system that allows you to make small tweaks or major additions. Learn more about how to build an add-on.
  • Web development: Can help in building websites for Mozilla
  • Localization: Get involved with Mozilla by making Firefox, Thunderbird and other projects available in your language.
  • Helping users: Help other users in solving a problem.
  • Documentation: The Mozilla Developer Network is the hub for information about Mozilla technologies. Help make the documentation better by writing new content, correcting existing material or translating content into new languages.
  • Education: Help build a generation of web makers by teaching others how the web works. Explore what the Mozilla Webmaker project is all about or get started teaching others by setting up an event in your community today.