Keyboard shortcuts

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts that are available in Instantbird/Thunderbird with brief descriptions of what they do.

Note: Depending on your OS, the Command key may be Ctrl.

Conversation window

Command + F Find

Escape to put the conversation on hold

Command + W to close the current tab

Command + Shift + H for History (Show Logs)

Command + [Plus key], Command + [Minus key] - sets the Zoom level

Command + 0 - resets the zoom level to 100%. (Use the 0 key in the top row of the keyboard, not the 0 key of the numeric keypad.)

Scrolling the conversation

Shift + PgUp/PgDn scrolls a page up or down

Home/End or Alt + PgUp/PgDn scrolls to the previous/next section. Sections are

  • the beginning and end of the conversation
  • the beginning or end of a session (in the log viewer)
  • the first non-context message
  • the unread message ruler.

When the textbox is empty, the usual navigation keys (cursor keys, PgUp/Dn, ...) will scroll the conversation view also from the textbox.

Contact list

The available shortcuts are listed in the menu next to the commands.

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