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    The Mozilla Calendar Project is a community driven project based on the Mozilla application architecture. The Project's heart is a calendaring backend based on libical. The Lightning extension is built on top of this platform and provides integrated calendaring capabilities for Mozilla Messaging's Email client Thunderbird.

    Mozilla Calendar emphasizes free and open source technology and supports standardized technology like the ical/ics (rfc2445) format and the CalDAV (rfc4791) protocol, which is implemented by many freely available servers and also some commercial providers.

    Development Topics

    Building Calendar
    Information about building Calendar with the new comm-central repository. There is also a simple build page for Thunderbird including Lightning and information about how comm-central works.
    Creating a Calendar extension
    Tutorial on creating a Calendar extension for Sunbird and Lightning.
    How to get started with translating Calendar into your language and how to build Lightning in your language. 
    Testing Calendar
    CalendarUtils reference for writing Mozmill tests, which can automatically test the UI so that regressions can be easily found.
    Calendar Versions
    This page will tell you which Calendar version fits with which Mozilla Platform and where current development is being done.


    The Bugzilla database used to track issues for Mozilla projects.
    Browse and search the Calendar source code repository on the Web.
    Calendar Servers
    Setup your own calendar server, or check to see how well commercial products are supported.


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