Using the AMO theme generator

The theme generator on (AMO) guides you through the process of creating a theme for Firefox. Once you have defined the colors and image for your theme, the generator will submit your new theme to AMO.

Getting Started

Begin by going to the Theme Generator page on (AMO).

Fill out the form with information for your new theme.

Start by giving your new theme a name.

When picking an image for the theme's header, it should be:

  • 200 pixels tall
  • No larger than 6.9MB
  • The format can be one of: PNG, JPG, APNG, SVG or GIF (Do not use animated gifs.)
  • The image will be aligned to the right end of the header.

In the example above, the image fades into a solid color, keeping the image size down.

Color values can be entered using hex, rgb, or rgba. The format will be converted to rgba when the input field loses focus. You can define the following colors:

Header area background
The color of the header area background, displayed in the part of the header not covered or visible through the header image. Manifest field: accentcolor.
Header area text and icons
The color of the text and icons in the header area, except the active tab. Manifest field: textcolor.
Toolbar area background (optional)
The background color for the navigation bar, the bookmarks bar, and the selected tab. Manifest field: toolbar.
Toolbar area text and icons (optional)
The color of the text and icons in the toolbar and the active tab. Manifest field: toolbar_text.
Toolbar field area background (optional)
The background color for fields in the toolbar, such as the URL bar. Manifest field: toolbar_field.
Toolbar field area text (optional)
The color of text for fields in the toolbar, such as the URL bar. Manifest field: toolbar_field_text.

As you fill in the information, you will see a browser preview of your theme at the bottom of the form.

When you have finished filling in the information, click the Finish Theme button to continue.

Submitting your theme

The second page of the theme creator asks you to describe your theme. You will have to enter the following information:

This is the name of your theme as it will be displayed on AMO, and can be different from the name that is displayed when the theme has been installed in Firefox.
Add-on URL
This is the address from which your theme can be downloaded. You can edit the final portion of the value (after but please use only letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes in your URL.
Summary (required)
Describe your theme. You have 250 characters in which to describe your theme.
Select a category (required)
Selecting an accurate category for your theme will help others find it on AMO. The following categories are available:
  • Abstract
  • Causes
  • Fashion
  • Film and TV
  • Firefox
  • Foxkeh
  • Holiday
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Other
  • Scenery
  • Seasonal
  • Sports
  • Websites
Support email
The email address where people can contact you if they have trouble with your theme.
Support website
The URL to the website where you provide support for your theme.
License (required)
The license uner which your theme is published will be by the choices you make in response to the following questions:
  • Can others share your theme, as long as you're given credit?
  • Can others make commercial use of your theme?
  • Can others create derivative works from your theme?

Once you have filled in all of the required information, you can complete the submission process by clickiing on the Submit Version button. You should see something that looks like this:

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