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Information for External Developers Dealing with Accessibility

  1. Implementing an MSAA Server, A Practical Guide

    A document for developers who need to support Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) in a desktop application, in order to make it accessible with 3rd party assistive technologies, containing practical tips and the details of Mozilla's implementation.

  2. Accessibility API cross reference

    Should be helpful at anyone looking at implementing accessibility API support for a product on multiple platforms. Contains info on accessible roles, states and events.

  3. Accessible Toolkit Checklist

    A list of what needs to be done for accessibility when building new toolkits, widget by widget.

  4. In addition, here is a list of official keyboard UI guidelines for each desktop:

    Windows keys:

    Mac keys:

    • Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference for Mac OS X
    • Complete reference on keyboard for Mac OS X: this document list all functions of specified keys, known keyboard shortcuts, explains how to create keyboard shortcuts, explains appropriate use for the arrow keys, how to move the insertion point with keys, how to extent text selection with keys, functions of function keys, what are reserved keyboard shortcuts, how to create your own keyboard shortcuts, keyboard focus and navigation, type-ahead and key-repeat, etc.

    Gnome keys: Keyboard documentation for Gnome 2.2: still seeking developer guidelines for keyboard.

  5. Other Useful Resources

    Links for those who wish to learn more about web accessibility or open source accessibility.

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