Accessibility information for UI designers and developers

  1. Accessible XUL Authoring Guidelines

    When authored according to these guidelines, XUL is capable of generating accessible user interfaces. Coders, reviewers, designers and QA engineers should be familiar with these guidelines.

  2. XUL accesskey FAQ and Policies

    What everyone needs to read before adding XUL accesskeys.

  3. Accessible Toolkit Checklist

    A list of what needs to be done for accessibility when building new toolkits, widget by widget.

  4. Mozilla's keyboard UI FAQ

    We have settled on a spec that people are mostly happy with. Let us know what you think on the mozilla-accessibility mailing list.

    Windows keys :

    OS X keys :

    • Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference for Mac OS X
    • Complete reference on keyboard for Mac OS X: this document list all functions of specified keys, known keyboard shortcuts, explains how to create keyboard shortcuts, explains appropriate use for the arrow keys, how to move the insertion point with keys, how to extent text selection with keys, functions of function keys, what are reserved keyboard shortcuts, how to create your own keyboard shortcuts, keyboard focus and navigation, type-ahead and key-repeat, etc.

    Gnome keys : Keyboard documentation for Gnome 2.2 -- still seeking developer guidelines for keyboard.

  5. Sample nsIAccessible Javascript usage

    This HTML page shows how nsIAccessible can be used in JavaScript. The sample application provided can be used to test our accessibility API support of any HTML. Looking for a volunteer to improve this application.

  6. Accessibility Preferences

    Accessibility preferences can be used by any developer using Gecko, whether it's for a feature on a XUL product like Firefox or an embedded platform.

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Both end users and developers are invited for discussion on the live IRC channel at Since this is a worldwide effort, there is always a good chance to find someone to chat with there, day or night.

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We have two discussion lists, which can be read via a newsgroup reader, as a mailing list or via Google groups.

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