MDN tools

MDN offers a number of features that make it easier to track progress, manage content, and keep up with the latest changes to the site.


On the Yari platform that powers MDN, we still have a legacy template/macro system available called KumaScript for automating certain aspects of content. We are hoping to stop using it some day, but until then MDN will still rely on it. This article provides basic information about using KumaScript

The MDN sample server

While MDN provides a built-in live sample system for presenting simple (and even not-so-simple) code samples with the code's output displayed in-context, there are samples that require a server to talk to. For those things, we have the MDN sample server, which solves these and other problems. This article is a guide to the use of the sample server.

Unsupported GET API

MDN's platform, Yari, doesn't provide a supported GET API. However, Yari does currently provide an unsupported mechanism that exposes JSON resources which you can retrieve with HTTP GET requests and then consume programmatically.