Glossary page template

Title and slug

A glossary page should have a title and slug of TermBeingDefined. Simple


In a glossary page, you need to include the following tags (see the Tags section at the bottom of the editor UI): Glossary, and TermBeingDefined. You can also include further descriptive tags as appropriate.

The TermBeingDefined is ... (include concise definition of the term being defined).

Include further supporting information as required, but not much — no more than 2 more small paragraphs. Any further detailed information, code examples, tutorials, etc. should go in separate articles.

Learn more

General knowledge

  • Include list of links pointing to
  • more detailed general information.
  • For example Wikipedia articles, other encyclopedia entries.

Technical information

  • Include list of links pointing to
  • more detailed technical information.
  • For example technical tutorials, specifications.