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    XPCOM documentation plan

    While we have extensive XPCOM documentation already, the quality varies substantially, and much of it is out of date, with recent additions undocumented entirely. This project's goal is to clean up the existing XPCOM material as much as possible, add and update onboarding content and introductory guides, and so forth. Full documentation of all of XPCOM is no longer a staff writing team priority, due to time constraints.

    While we would love to be able to fully document XPCOM, it is a rapidly moving target and documentation of APIs and technologies directly facing Web and Web app developers is unfortunately a priority for the staff writing team. That said, we would really appreciate any help from the community in getting XPCOM documentation added for new features.

    Name: XPCOM (#)
    Description: The cross-platform object model and core data structures.
    Owner: Benjamin Smedberg
    Peer(s): Doug Turner, Nathan Froyd
    Source Dir(s): startupcache/, xpcom/%, xpcom/base/, xpcom/build/, xpcom/components/, xpcom/ds/, xpcom/glue/, xpcom/proxy/, xpcom/sample/, xpcom/stub/, xpcom/tests/, xpcom/threads/, xpcom/tools/, xpcom/windbgdlg/
    Bugzilla Component(s): Core::XPCOM
    DiscussionĀ Group: dev-platform


    Primary writer.
    Assisting as available/needed.

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    • Move existing documentation into the proper places in the content hierarchy.
    • Add or update introduction to XPCOM, explaining what it is, what it does, and how it works to newcomers to Mozilla.
    • Improve and add content about wrappers and how they work.
    • Find community members that are interested in and willing to take on trying to get the docs up-to-date
    • Consider/discuss and potentially implement a system for automatic generation of content, or at least for helping to automatically figure out what's missing where.

    Target milestones

    Q3 2014

    • Organizational cleanup to current content
      • Get all documents moved into the correct places in the documentation structure

    Q4 2014

    • New and improved introductory articles (wbamberg)
    • New material about wrappers and how to use them (wbamberg)

    Note: Each milestone bug should block bugĀ 1050936, which is a tracking/meta bug for this project.

    User stories

    Documents needed

    The lists here detail specific types of content that need to be produced, as well as precise pages that we know need to be produced or updated.

    Types of pages

    The following types of pages will need to be produced.

    • Reference
      • Interfaces
      • Properties
      • Methods
      • Events
    • Landing pages
    • Guides/tutorials
    • Sample apps and web content

    Reference page work needed

    • ???

    User guide work needed

    • ???


    Existing content

    Other notes

    We need to try to figure out who to talk to about this stuff. Perhaps BenjaminSmedberg can help track people down?

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