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    RecRoom documentation plan

    RecRoom is the codename of a new MDN area that will provide resources for beginning Web app developers, as well as overall best practices guides for app development.

    The content is currently being drafted in a Google Doc, but will migrate to MDN once it reaches a reasonably finished state. At that point in time, a doc status page should be created.


    The project will be handled primarily by:

    tofumatt and Rory Petty
    Primary authors.

    Join the project

    MDN is built by you, the reader! If you'd like to help make this documentation real, we'd like to hear from you. You may contact the writing team by clicking on their names above, or on our mailing list. If you're a new MDN contributor, please have a look at our contributor guide. You can also join the conversation in our IRC channel, #mdn.



    Milestones have not yet been set. Once they have, each one should be filed as a bug blocking bug 1050921, which is the tracking bug for this project.

    Note: Each milestone bug should block bug 1050921, which is a tracking/meta bug for this project.


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