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    Update HTML element interface documentation

    This article is in need of a technical review.

    While most or all HTML interfaces (such as HTMLImageElement currently have documentation, most are incomplete at best and a mess at worst. This project will involve updating these documents, finishing them, and then adding new information, such as documented lists of the events that can be fired by each element.


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    • Bring HTML element interface documents up to current page design standards for MDN.
    • Thoroughly document all HTML element interfaces.

    Target milestones

    Appropriate milestones need to be devised and bugs filed for each; each one should block bugĀ 1058333, which is this project's tracking bug.

    Note: It's worth noting that each milestone is a significant improvement to the HTML element interface documentation, and can be done as a standalone sub-project.

    Update pages to current design

    Most or all of these pages are not using the current MDN standard for API documentation. Bring them up to date, following these instructions.

    Note: Each milestone bug should block bugĀ 1058333, which is a tracking/meta bug for this project.

    Make the global events show up in the event list

    This is just a matter of importing the GlobalEventHandler interface's events into the list on each HTML element's interface.

    List and explain the events the interface can fire

    Update all of the event pages as needed

    Add lists of events to each HTML element page

    User stories

    Documents needed

    The lists here detail specific types of content that need to be produced, as well as precise pages that we know need to be produced or updated.

    Types of pages

    The following types of pages will need to be produced.

    • Reference
      • Interfaces
      • Properties
      • Methods
      • Events
    • Landing pages
    • Guides/tutorials
    • Sample apps and web content

    Reference page work needed

    User guide work needed


    Existing content

    Other notes

    None at this time.

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