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The Kuma development team uses a lot of tools and reference material while working. This article provides links to them.

Plans and schedules

Current work: Github PR queue
You can see what's going on currently by looking at the Github pull request (PR) queue.
Engineering roadmap
The engineering roadmap shows what's being worked on currently as well as what the team plans to work on in the future.


Kuma project repository
You can get the Kuma source code from our Github repository. Feel free to fork it, edit it, and submit PRs!

Helpful documentation

Django framework
Kuma is built atop the Django framework. Read its documentation here.
jQuery framework
We also use jQuery for various UX functionality. Its documentation can be found here.
Node.js API
If you plan to work on the KumaScript backend, you'll need to read up on the Node.js backend it uses.

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