Getting started with Kuma

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This is an introductory guide to the Kuma wiki platform that powers MDN. "Kuma" is the Japanese word for "bear;" we chose this name because it's a bigger, more powerful creature than Kitsune ("fox"), the software on which it's based that powers the SUMO web site.

Note: What's left here needs to move into the Kuma project documentation.

Development process


We have several servers for MDN, based on the state of development of the platform.

Environment URL Purpose
Development Newest features and fixes are added immediately after they pass code review.
Stage Beta features and fixes that will go on the next push to production.
Production The live MDN server. You're looking at it.


Finding pages

There are some special search queries you can use to find things:

Search URL Description Searches for pages whose slug starts with the given term. Searches for pages whose slug contains the given term.


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