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    We have lots of bugs filed on Kuma; however, there are some we would especially love to see contributors help out with. Here's a list of ideas to get you started!

    Note: If you have a bug you think is a good candidate for being listed here, let's talk about it! Join the dev-mdn mailing list, or talk to us in #mdndev, and let's discuss it!

    Bug Description
    749313 Wiki: Edit screen should provide tag suggestions
    702758 Add WAI-ARIA role="contentinfo" to "last modified" container
    854913 Add an option to show the page list and diff side-by-side in revision dashboard
    797845 Disable save button if no edits have been made
    803185 Provide a tree visualization of all articles (MDN index)
    806944 Rev Dash: Make revision list columns resizable
    806946 Rev Dash: Add a resizer between the revision list and revision diff panes
    806953 Rev Dash: Add details to each version's side of the diff pane
    808238 Rev Dash: Add previous/next buttons and key nav
    811001 Code sample generated pages should have a title
    824707 Add periodic checks for new revisions to revision dashboard
    836529 Handling of redirects via query strings leads to bad copy and paste.
    839819 After a revert the page content does not display the content reverted to
    843068 When signing up, some users enter their email address in the "Username" field
    844636 Have the revision comment field when creating a new document
    854878 Check validity of new slugs before doing page moves
    781195 If page does not exist, inform user before prompting for login
    785993 Revision history: Add amount of changed words to revision comment
    800053 Add a "bookmark" to the revision dashboard, so reviewers can keep track of where they left off
    813484 Kuma: Add a "what links here" feature
    705470 Ability to include a comment when reverting
    772950 Don't show "approved" information on history pages
    793485 Add a "Revert to this revision" button in compare and revision view
    797505 dates are in English on localized pages

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