Contributing to Kuma

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If you'd like to contribute to the Kuma project to help us build a great wiki platform and to make the Mozilla Developer Network site better, the documents here should help you join in the effort.

Contributing to Kuma

Getting started with Kuma
How to fork Kuma from Github and set up your development environment.
Help wanted
We have lots of bugs filed on Kuma. This article lists some we would love to see contributors help with.

Tools and tasks

A list of Kuma bugs. Feel free to look through them and find something you'd like to fix! This link requires you to log into Bugzilla.
Report a bug
If you've had a problem with Kuma, or have an idea for a way to make it better, you can file a bug!
A list of recently pushed changes; this is a great place to look to see what's happened recently.


MDN developer community

If you'd like to talk with our developers, or even better to help build and improve the Kuma platform, join our development community!

Don't forget about the netiquette...

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