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    XUL documentation status

    This page tracks documentation status and work progress for XUL documentation. Feel free to contribute!


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    1155 56 (5%) 42 (4%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 43 (4%) 1109 (97%) 5 (1%)

    See also localization status of this section.

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    Dev-doc-needed bugs

    Found 5 bugs:

    Bug Summary Release
    1105044 XULRunner fails with "Couldn't load XPCOM" mozilla39
    747597 Port XULRunner's --install-app to Python mozilla29
    407956 Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsITreeView mozilla22
    772808 menuitems don't inherit the "hidden" attribute from commands mozilla19
    668437 mouse events for :hover in XUL popup firing incorrectly mozilla11

    Browse as bug list.


    Please help us to localize this documentation into different languages.

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    ru 1155 22 (1%) 9 (40%)


    Tagging standard

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    Other tasks to do

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    Tutorial to-do list

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    Notes for translators

    Any notes here? Where do we expect updates, so that localizers don't translate and update too often?

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