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Bug Summary Release
911216 Implement promises in the JavaScript engine mozilla50
574924 TM: implement remaining wrappers ---
879079 Fix some static analysis warnings in js/src ---
630209 Unsafe usage of JS_Compile*/JS_ExecuteScript in shell and tests ---
867501 Date.toLocaleFormat exposes OS locale mozilla46
1204554 Add environment variable to spew LCOV info into a file. mozilla44
1163423 Introduce JS_HasOwnProperty mozilla41
1144366 Switch SpiderMonkey style from T *t to T* t mozilla40
805052 Remove object parents mozilla39
1089026 Stop allowing random objects on function scope chains mozilla36
1088002 Change JSAPI for defining accessors to assume JSNative accessors, not JSPropertyOP ones mozilla36
934450 Add copy-on-write arrays mozilla34
1036136 Implement structured clone for Map and Set mozilla33
1014993 Make it easy to distinguish CPOWs from normal objects mozilla32
845478 JS shell should use JS::CallArgs instead of manual argc/vp+JS_SET_RVAL/JS_ARGV/etc. mozilla31
977287 Rename the operation callback mozilla30
880330 Refactor ContextOptions from a bitfield into a proper struct mozilla27
917295 GC: Handlify public date APIs mozilla27
916993 GC: Handlify public string methods mozilla27
918373 GC: Handlify various public APIs mozilla27
903352 Handlify remaining PropertyDescriptor APIs mozilla26
893186 remove JS_GetPropertyAttributes and many of its friends mozilla26
910517 Remove memory uni-reporters mozilla26
890238 Memory reporter for ICU mozilla25
884410 GC: Handlify the JSAPI mozilla24
861281 GC: Root the wrap object API mozilla23
858108 GC: Root the Locale interface mozilla23
792108 Use a class flag to allow objects of that class to act like |undefined| in the == and ToBoolean contexts, and remove JSRESOLVE_DETECTING mozilla20
823283 Remove JSRESOLVE_QUALIFIED mozilla20
720949 Need API for "transferring" ArrayBuffer data between runtimes (via shared memory) mozilla18
796523 Periodically expire JS timezone cache mozilla18
650353 have one global object per compartment mozilla15
750733 Use handles in API object hooks where possible mozilla15
711843 Fix uses of typedarray outside the engine mozilla14
725595 Drop native object checks from JS_(Get|Set)ReservedSlot mozilla13
724310 Drop cx argument from JSObject field and fixed slots infallible API mozilla13
707049 Dynamic analysis for identifying moving GC hazards mozilla12
722348 remove JSRuntime::requestCount mozilla12
675078 rm JSThreadData and JSThread mozilla12
687679 JS_CompileFile* should handle UTF-8 (xpconnect doesn't convert non-ascii wchars correctly) mozilla11
708754 Use IDL for jsdIDebuggerService::WrapValue and remove WrapJSValue mozilla11
687134 Expose pccount to chrome code mozilla11
650411 assert that JSRuntime is only used in a single-threaded manner mozilla10
451729 Allow runtime's security callbacks to be overridden by a context mozilla1.9.1
482381 Add a JS_GetPropertyDescriptorById mozilla1.9.1b4

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