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383 5 (2%) 93 (25%) 9 (3%) 20 (6%) 40 (11%) 30 (8%) 31 (9%) 21 (6%)

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Dev-doc-needed bugs

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Bug Summary Release
1600855 make SVGTextFrame avoid getting glyph advances that cross text frames, and re-enable letter/word-spacing mozilla73
1177032 Implement SVG 1.2 Tiny/SVG 2 solidColor paint server ---
736431 Inline <svg> is given the CSS default height of 150px when the height is not explicitly specified ---
426447 hasFeature broken for SVG 1.1 style SVG detection - regression. ---
1265666 Implement missing SVG 2 values of vector-effect property ---
1239218 Implement SVGUnknownElement interface ---
371787 Support the 'letter-spacing' and 'word-spacing' properties in SVG mozilla72
1569474 dispatch cut, copy and paste events to SVG graphics elements mozilla70
1383650 Implement SVG geometry properties in CSS mozilla69
1133175 remove SVGTests.hasExtension mozilla68
265894 Support SVG CSS selector matching rules for <svg:use> mozilla56
1216893 Add pref to optionally disable SVG (Tor 12827) mozilla53
1239128 Implement LinkStyle for SVGStyleElement interface mozilla46
1215484 Figure out how high contrast / "ignore author colors" should apply to SVGs mozilla44
1107584 ship <marker orient="auto-start-reverse"> mozilla37
886390 Assigning to innerHTML on an SVG element should create elements in the SVG namespace mozilla36
999964 Implementation Proposal for 'clipped' option of SVG 2 getBBox method. mozilla32
983528 enable paint-order property by default mozilla31
964200 Implement Filter Effects Module feDropShadow filter mozilla30
956513 SVG text is drawn with wrong position mozilla29
798843 change value names for -moz-objectFill to context-fill etc., and put them behind opentype SVG pref mozilla26
835048 Figure out if SVGElement.ownerSVGElement should throw mozilla26
569722 Firefox SVG support does not implement the textLength and lengthAdjust attribute functionality of <text> elements mozilla25
879659 implement <marker orient="auto-start-reverse"> from SVG 2 mozilla25
785606 Consider implementing viewBox="none" from SVG 1.2 Tiny mozilla22
619964 Implement FillPaint and StrokePaint filter sources mozilla17
528332 Feature Request: Implement non-scaling-stroke mozilla15
759124 Implement useCurrentView mozilla15
512514 Implement hyperlink targeting of animation elements mozilla15
721920 Honor the 'lang' attribute on SVG as we do in HTML mozilla13
589640 (ietestcenter) HTML5 Foreign Content 14/24: <altGlyphDef> is not an SVGElement mozilla11

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Documentation requests

Found 21 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
658789 Add quicklink/sidebar navigation to SVG attribute docs
697714 Document missing SVG attributes
1003075 Document the SVG name attribute
1005726 There's no page for the mousemove event of a svg tag
1126823 Many of MDN's embedded SVG examples broken in Firefox
1212765 Use .properties for the SVG attributes summary tables
1232692 Sample star polygon path doesn't join back up correctly
1280301 Page at url "" needs xmlns and version attribute to display on Firefox 47 on windows 10
1305034 Finish filter effects tutorial
1325848 SVGElement does in fact add methods
1365493 Dead link
1381788 Fix example code: SVG property 'alignment-baseline' is not valid for text nodes
1424550 Logo missing from sample box
1426378 No code
1430151 SVG Element Selectors
1446770 Broken link: (404 Page not found)
1471980 Text element usage error
1508932 Dead link on Web APIs page
1509608 All links are broken on the french SVG doc
1509803 404 SVG viewBox attribut documentation is missing
1513409 Page with description of SVG id attribute is missing

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