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Outdated pages

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Documentation requests

Found 123 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
855636 Show footer with all versions on "Firefox <XX> for developers"-pages
950811 The 'Event Guide' needs a high level organization
952807 Too many tags linked to no articles
1081114 Document best practices for login forms
1189700 Better beginner's documentation for CORS
1195781 Document 'distributed node' in the Glossary
1202694 Change cookie library on
1208816 Document XPathResult
1224966 Code on will not run, has many bugs
1231694 Complete documentation for RTCIceCandidate
1231772 embedLiveSamples that need attention
1250768 Document NonElementParentNode DOM mixin
1287617 Don't link to obsolete specs
1289971 HTMLCommandElement document link is not existed
1296830 The documentation for XHR overrideMimeType shows info for Request instead.
1301998 Specifying security concerns for targetOrigin of postMessage
1303641 Documentation links broken - characterdata
1308164 Bug reporting link does not work
1314652 Create a tool for cross-version Firefox code search and compare
1318850 missing page link in Client-side_web_APIs/Introduction
1320955 Advanced Network Communication Section Not Found.
1322820 Bit masks in WebGL documentation
1322823 Template:KeyboardEventProperties seems outdated and incorrect
1332938 list of dependency versions linked to in release documentation would be nice
1333751 Intent to delete: Connect pages
1335579 Broken link 'composedPath()' in documentation (or missing documentation).
1337332 Fully document the History API
1339858 Browser Internals (Rendering - Constructing the DOM Tree)
1339914 Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Conversion requires pixel reformattin
1342055 mising example prototype
1342609 Documentation Q: Description section, paragraph 2 might want to mention Maps
1343145 Clarify attribute checked for <input type="checkbox">
1345026 Incorrect/not full information on the location of Eyedropper button
1347159 Window.restore() doc says not working, but works for me?
1349550 It is really true that 405 can't be used for GET or HEAD?
1351137 all DataView methods need parameter documentation
1352109 404 when accessing the
1353757 A confusing explanation of a code snippet
1358768 ARIA techniques article split up or combination
1358933 Image in article provides pointer labels in French
1360820 A code example missing
1364757 HttpOnly documentation explanation ambiguity
1366867 Mobile cross-browser subset of HTML/CSS
1367037 `thing` does not exist
1368043 Correcting Browser Console in Portuguese Language
1370109 Reference trail from the note re Safari on the :hover article
1372074 Strict rules for JavaScript snippets.
1372493 Outdated link to CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3
1372609 Intersection Observer page auto-scrolls to embedded iframe on load
1382160 Typo in image about caching
1387131 "Web technology reference" page is incomplete
1389025 Editorial review for typos and grammar on Web_Crypto_API
1389431 current content needs to be reseted back to english version
1391059 some CORS examples are inaccurate
1394870 Object.entries change
1398056 Black h3 background and gray <code> background
1399054 Documentation needs KeyboardEvent.key footnote regarding support on Android (KeyboardEvent.key support is broken)
1400210 Mistake in the Introduction of "Memory Management" chapter
1402619 HTTP Location header with 201 response
1404580 Document connect event
1405347 Fully document SVGMatrix and DOMMatrix
1405398 Add `SSL` to MDN Glossary
1406013 Broken link/missing page for FileReader/FileReader constructor
1407191 Event loop message queue processing: incorrect description
1407340 Write glossary entry for "Cache"
1409952 Fully document 'FontFace'
1410019 Suggested implicit call of 'Date.parse' method is incorrect
1410675 Docs say `delete` on a non-configurable property raises a SyntaxError in strict mode.
1410743 Open page "" shows "You're trying to create a new page."
1413456 Concept of "Hoisting"
1416300 Event documentation is missing from iframe
1418428 some function are no longer supported
1418612 note about "pagination" / ordering could be better placed elsewhere
1423858 Description of SEC_ERROR_EXTENSION_VALUE_INVALID is misleading
1430943 Missing definition for NotificationAction
1432546 unclear example
1433067 Create page:
1433072 Create page:
1433904 Broken link on
1438381 Update API overview page to fix broken links
1440273 accesskey does not work as described
1441696 express tutorial escaping text twice
1442015 Add glossary entry for the term "stylesheet"
1448217 DataTransfer.dropEffect example does not work on chrome, but the compatiblity tables at the bottoms says it should
1449109 Update translation of
1449146 Add glossary entry for the term "Worker"
1456808 Mistake made in the "position absolute" part
1459816 Annotation error
1460485 Document History.replaceState
1460916 MDN needs a GDPR page for web developers
1461599 Broken links
1462298 "Article navigation" is broken on our Code Style MDN entry
1462849 app does not work
1465598 Error in Translation of MDN
1465722 Doc does not mention passing an options object
1470912 Many of the links on "Guide to Web APIs" lead to a new blank page
1471715 Typo on What_is_JavaScript: двайте should be давайте
1472229 404 for
1473016 MDN: "Función async" linked to an none existing page
1473252 order of keys in an Object
1473590 const definition incorrect
1475851 OS-specific XUL access key attribute documentation wrong
1476558 Update MDN Docs for Navigation Timing Level 2 spec
1480867 Headers method foreach link not found
1492061 中文文档:”Function构造器生成的函数,在全局作用域中被创建中“的例子出错
1492281 This talk page is higher in the DDG search results than the page its about
1492337 broken links on /...Web/API/FileReader page
1492765 Simple Seamonkey build instructions outdated
1499285 css 出现在页面
1500470 Template literals page: more details needed describing how tags work
1501215 Would not say "unnecessary"
1501534 thie link of live example not work in modern browser
1501634 "Concepts" section of WebDriver documentation not finished
1502184 Dead link in SVG: alignment-baseline
1503900 Link to URL API incorrect on Web APIs Documentation
1504145 The 'border-left-width' CSS property directs to the 'border-top-width' link instead
1505226 "-moz-touch-enabled" is not yet removed
1505239 Broken link in "Using CSS transforms" page
1506003 In Chinese language, CodePen ExampleSection is unusable
1506284 Document XPIDL CEnums
1511614 the documentation for SpiderMonkey is out of date
1514356 Create page: Learning New Technology
1516890 EmbedLiveSample doesn't work at Korean page.

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General plan for QA docs

Mozilla has lots of QA documentation available: QMO, Main MDN QA landing page, Firefox OS automated testing landing page, and more. We ought to streamline our QA content by weeding out the obsolete stuff, updating the out of date stuff, and turning the different resources into a more cohesive resource.


  • Chris Mills: MDN editor
  • Marcia Knous: Main QA contact

Join the project

MDN is built by you, the reader! If you'd like to help make this documentation real, we'd like to hear from you. You may contact the writing team by clicking on their names above, or on our mailing list. If you're a new MDN contributor, please have a look at our contributor guide. You can also join the conversation in the MDN Web Docs chat room on Matrix.


Audit our current QA content

  • Write a plan for reorganizing it into a more cohesive resource that lives on MDN.
  • Migrate the non MDN content over to MDN.
  • Update and reorganize the existing material on MDN.
  • Make it easier for QA staff and volunteers to help perform QA work.

Target milestones

TBD: This work is not super urgent, but it would be nice to do it soon.

Note: Each milestone bug should block bug 1054344, which is a tracking/meta bug for this project.

User stories

  • I want to write tests for Mozilla products
  • I want to Help perform QA/testing work on Mozilla products
  • I want to find out what tools I need to use to do QA work, what workflow I'd use, and how to get started.
  • If I want to help with testing of Firefox, Firefox OS, or other Mozilla projects, where do I find out what needs to be tested?

Documents needed

Mainly reference and guide documents. This is mainly TBD. This can be done after the audit of existing docs.

Existing documents


The following items were discussed in a meeting between Chris Mills and the QA staff.

What should be kept where, on MDN?

Should we keep everything under a top level QA node, or should that node just contain generic stuff like introduction, how QA works at Moz, what all the tools are, how to get involved in the community, call to action, etc.? We could then put more applied Firefox / Firefox OS - specific stuff in the relevant zones and link to those from the main QA node. I think this latter idea is better for organization, as people are more like to think product first, then QA, rather than QA first, then product, although both camps do probably exist. This would allow us to cover both.

What should be moved over from QMO?

This is up for discussion. The content (on both MDN and QMO) needs to be audited to work out what stuff should be kept, and what stuff can be dumped due to being out of date or dupe.

There was also the question of whether the community / call to action stuff should remain on QMO, but the actual content should go on MDN, as QMO already has a bit of a following/page rank

I (Chris) personally think everything should just go on MDN, as MDN's page ranking will be higher, and it's good to have everything in one place and not fragmented. Plus if it is on MDN, it is all under the remit of the MDN editors, so we can maintain it.

Tips and tricks (for example B2G tips and tricks and QA tips and tricks) should go somewhere sensible as well.

Should QA be a zone?

I think so. I think QA falls under the zone definition, in that it is a specific function, product or action.

Next steps

  1. QA team to audit existing material.
  2. Chris Mills to work out where to put all the material, and draw up plan for content strategy

See also

This QMO Etherpad for further discussion/raw notes.