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Bug Summary
87663 Update and organize Gecko style system documentation
213699 Write PAC docs
321093 file missing due to expired domain
485944 Document nsIVariant pretty please
494970 Document Mozilla External String Guide
634848 WinDbg instructions point to wrong location for debug log in Windows 7
649669 Need a "how to build Firefox like a pro" type of article
783855 Migrated image/attachment all need a REDIRECT to be fetched
807521 Implement code sample for Social API
855636 Show footer with all versions on "Firefox <XX> for developers"-pages
859827 Make Document for MOZ_PGO_INSTRUMENTED environment variant
872888 Documentation for building Thunderbird unclear
884860 Add YouTube embedding button documentation to the MDN editor guide
903768 "How to Submit a Patch" / "Using Mercurial" should give an example of correct patch headers
908424 DeviceStorage documentation errors
910103 Document CSS Grids
917855 content in MDN editor is not the same as the resulting content on the documentation page
925683 Il manque une page sur les fomulaires de contact.
926694 Clean up organization of Firefox Mobile docs
933441 Update mochitest documentation for mach
935166 nsIInputStreamChannel documentation
950811 The 'Event Guide' needs a high level organization
951729 Finish MDN user guide content
951730 Complete the MDN contributor guide
959815 create a patch documentation needs consolidation
960944 Remove or relicense pages from 'Creating XPCOM components'
971293 Document overflow="true" attribute of <treecol> element
973679 Document BookmarkHTMLUtils.jsm
985355 Inline badge layout should be unified
1024530 The documentation for the PR_LOG has not been written
1056026 Update Firefox_for_developers macro to list newer versions too
1081114 How to ensure the FX password manager recognizes password fields as such
1083494 Document <menugroup> XUL element
1094346 Geolocation documentation needs cleanup and mention of Firefox OS
1113794 Add Firefox Accounts as a proper zone
1117536 Documentation needs update: there is no longer, but the file is now
1119251 Accessibility: External links
1127403 Mdn says that firefox compiles with gcc 4.6, but actually the min version is 4.7.
1129496 Revise or remove the Connect Zone
1135648 Rewrite bug reporting guidelines
1137030 Link for "How to Write a Proper Bug Report Part 2" is broken
1161964 JXON library broken since FF35
1162764 Top-level MDN Page should focus on the big picture, not details - MozillaWiki
1167992 Add Russian versions of some tags for search filters and topics
1168700 Broken links on "Thunderbird Binaries" MDN page
1171788 Spidermonkey lack of usable documentation
1187860 Document link not found
1188751 Add template for general info about DOM events
1188838 Add JSON template for DOM events
1189700 Better beginner's documentation for CORS
1192567 Provide description for "embedding" on Mozilla Source Code Directory Structure
1193072 Update docs for going away
1193457 broken link to IPDL/Processes_and_Threads
1195781 Document 'distributed node' in the Glossary
1201405 Update doc "Debugging a XULRunner Application"
1202694 Change cookie library on
1207271 Link to Sample Extension in Getting Started with Firefox Extensions is broken
1208816 Document XPathResult
1212760 Use .properties for the event summary tables
1214744 Dead link for download example
1224966 Code on will not run, has many bugs
1231694 Complete documentation for RTCIceCandidate
1231772 embedLiveSamples that need attention
1236237 Document icon assets usage for web developers
1238394 syntax query
1238885 Update browser compat table with feature in Safari 9.1
1242444 [meta] Update all browser compat table to be able to be parsed by BC importer
1245319 404 Videotrack.sourceBuffer and Texttrack.sourceBuffer
1247594 Live sample code boxes need horizontal scrolling way too often
1247765 Broken Link "How to Manage Colors and Images"
1250768 Document NonElementParentNode DOM mixin
1251514 Http header docs not displaying
1254181 Document RTCOfferOptions
1259002 Navigation side bar on mdn does not exist in zh-CN but exists in en-US
1259952 creation of new account disabled
1270376 `server-sent events` page not in Web APIs list.
1275683 Update MDN page on getting symbols for Mac Nightlies
1283985 Add-on migration guide for multiprocess unavailable
1287274 Instructions given for extracting kernel and initrd for Virtual ARM Linux are incorrect
1287293 box-sizing: border-box
1287617 Don't link to obsolete specs
1289971 HTMLCommandElement document link is not existed
1294635 Polyfills from site are not working properly in IE11
1296830 The documentation for XHR overrideMimeType shows info for Request instead.
1298050 The link for primitif type are broken (on the french page).
1298689 English versions of Firefox Addon creation sites are much too complicated to understand (maybe even for native speakers), so nobody can really translate them
1298724 Bug in StringView code
1299385 MDN Editor guide doesn't state precondition for creating attachments

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General plan for QA docs

Mozilla has lots of QA documentation available: QMO, Main MDN QA landing page, Firefox OS automated testing landing page, and more. We ought to streamline our QA content by weeding out the obsolete stuff, updating the out of date stuff, and turning the different resources into a more cohesive resource.


  • Chris Mills: MDN editor
  • Marcia Knous: Main QA contact

Join the project

MDN is built by you, the reader! If you'd like to help make this documentation real, we'd like to hear from you. You may contact the writing team by clicking on their names above, or on our mailing list. If you're a new MDN contributor, please have a look at our contributor guide. You can also join the conversation in our IRC channel #mdn.


Audit our current QA content

  • Write a plan for reorganizing it into a more cohesive resource that lives on MDN.
  • Migrate the non MDN content over to MDN.
  • Update and reorganize the existing material on MDN.
  • Make it easier for QA staff and volunteers to help perform QA work.

Target milestones

TBD: This work is not super urgent, but it would be nice to do it soon.

Note: Each milestone bug should block bug 1054344, which is a tracking/meta bug for this project.

User stories

  • I want to write tests for Mozilla products
  • I want to Help perform QA/testing work on Mozilla products
  • I want to find out what tools I need to use to do QA work, what workflow I'd use, and how to get started.
  • If I want to help with testing of Firefox, Firefox OS, or other Mozilla projects, where do I find out what needs to be tested?

Documents needed

Mainly reference and guide documents. This is mainly TBD. This can be done after the audit of existing docs.

Existing documents


The following items were discussed in a meeting between Chris Mills and the QA staff.

What should be kept where, on MDN?

Should we keep everything under a top level QA node, or should that node just contain generic stuff like introduction, how QA works at Moz, what all the tools are, how to get involved in the community, call to action, etc.? We could then put more applied Firefox / Firefox OS - specific stuff in the relevant zones and link to those from the main QA node. I think this latter idea is better for organization, as people are more like to think product first, then QA, rather than QA first, then product, although both camps do probably exist. This would allow us to cover both.

What should be moved over from QMO?

This is up for discussion. The content (on both MDN and QMO) needs to be audited to work out what stuff should be kept, and what stuff can be dumped due to being out of date or dupe.

There was also the question of whether the community / call to action stuff should remain on QMO, but the actual content should go on MDN, as QMO already has a bit of a following/page rank

I (Chris) personally think everything should just go on MDN, as MDN's page ranking will be higher, and it's good to have everything in one place and not fragmented. Plus if it is on MDN, it is all under the remit of the MDN editors, so we can maintain it.

Tips and tricks (for example B2G tips and tricks and QA tips and tricks) should go somewhere sensible as well.

Should QA be a zone?

I think so. I think QA falls under the zone definition, in that it is a specific function, product or action.

Next steps

  1. QA team to audit existing material.
  2. Chris Mills to work out where to put all the material, and draw up plan for content strategy

See also

This QMO Etherpad for further discussion/raw notes.

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