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Bug Summary Release
640953 Apply spec changes to <progress> (if needed) ---
946398 Flip the pref to enable <input type=number> mozilla29
930277 Flip the pref to enable <input type=color> for Linux/Gtk, Windows and Mac OS mozilla28
261037 overflow property not implemented on fieldset mozilla27
717181 Make <fieldset> invalid if they contain an invalid form control mozilla26
884332 Limit <input type='email'>'s value to have labels of 63 chars max mozilla26

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Documentation requests

Found 34 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
521391 [HTML5] Provide a dev doc explaining how to avoid speculation failures
819656 Convert all samples of the HTML Reference to Live Samples
819659 Translations of HTML Reference must use updated Live Samples
819665 Translations of HTML Tutorials must use updated Live Samples
853969 Write documentation for Microdata
861235 [meta] Clean up the <input> doc
866430 Documentation for the <input type=time> implementation
866440 Documentation for the <input type=date> implementation
866457 Documentation for the <input type=number> implementation
945041 need a devmo page on favicon guidance
961626 Document members of GlobalEventHandlers mixin
974432 Create a page about URL encoding
1048748 Document HTMLFontElement
1050937 [META] Thoroughly document HTML <picture> element
1214587 Get rid of .htmlelt in fr pages
1214589 Remove the Christmas tree decoration in en-US HTML reference pages
1244093 html input prop autocomplete with random string doesn't disable autocomplete in chrome 47
1247613 Document rel=noopener
1249360 Hey, I was just going through the CSS Tutorial and found that at the end of it, there was a link to SVG and CSS which was already covered. So I guess it might have put wrongly there. If possible please change the link. Thanks
1255429 Implicit sectioning example incorrect
1256957 HTML forms guide normative reference links to a page that no longer exists
1276005 clarify value attribute in <button> tag
1279180 The HTML element reference for object says 'permitted content' is deviceid elements, not param elements as elsewhere stated. Am I wrong, or is it?
1283815 Move HTML compat data to a JSON DB
1285799 HTMLIFrameElement lists a lot of Firefox OS specific methods
1298625 Date and Time picker tutorial link on <input type="date"> page goes to Buttons tutorial instead.
1304356 Document autocomplete event
1315087 HTML <th> elements support Flow content with exceptions, not strictly Phrasing content
1320478 Documentation for HTML <meta> element: typo in Notes for 'name' attribute
1321351 Write docs about
1332072 Missing documentation for <rb> element
1343246 In the HTML reference documentation, on the '<input>' page, there are links on each '<input> type= ' option. The link for 'range' type is broken.
1347702 "text" type input element - page not present when followed link from input element page
1349526 Dead link on HTML reference on input type number /docs/Web/HTML/Element/input

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The <picture> project

HTML has defined the way to deal with responsive images and similar image selections problems. Mainly they decided to add a new element, <picture>, and a new srcset attribute.

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