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General plan

Every day on mailing lists such as dev-b2g, we get a huge number of e-mails asking for support information about B2G/Firefox OS, installing/updating it on various devices, unbricking phones, carrier and device-specific quirks, etc. This requires a lot of effort to keep the developer community happy, and it would be really useful to put together a series of pages that would hopefully cover all the different problems developers are coming up against when trying to update the B2G software on all the different available devices that are capable of running Firefox OS.

We do have an initial guide, but it was never completed, and has not been updated for more recent devices.

But this currently covers only the Geeksphone and ZTE OPEN. There are a number of other devices not covered here, and a possible number of other carrier/device/B2G version quirks that ought to be covered. The aim of this project is to scope out, collect and publish all information about the various Mozilla-sponsored Firefox OS developer phones, in an easy to navigate format.


The project will be handled primarily by:

Primary writer.

Join the project

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  • Provide a list of all the phones Mozilla has provided as "developer phones," including:
    • Hardware specifications
    • Carrier support
    • How to buy or obtain the device (also whether or not it's still available at all)
    • How to update/flash the device
    • How to build the OS from scratch for the device, including details about device-specific quirks that vary from the primary Building and installing Firefox OS guide.
    • How to modify and hack on the device's OS
    • How to unbrick the device
    • Any other particular quirks or features specific to the device
  • Devices that need to be covered, at a minimum
    • Geeksphone Peak
    • Geeksphone Keon
    • ZTE OPEN
    • Others?

Target milestones

Appropriate milestones need to be established, and bugs filed for each.

Note: See bug 1050913 for overall tracking of these milestones. Each milestone bug should block this meta bug.

User stories

This information is not yet available.

Documents needed

The lists here detail specific types of content that need to be produced, as well as precise pages that we know need to be produced or updated.

Types of pages

The following types of pages will need to be produced:

  • Landing pages
  • Guides/tutorials

Landing pages

The following landing page will need to be produced:

  • A page primarily consisting of a table of all "developer phone" devices that are or have been available, with information about them provided in some form.

User guides

The following user guide pages will be needed, as sub-pages of the table:

  • For each phone, provide the details as outlined in Goals.

Existing content

The article Developer phone guide exists but is about a very very old device, and does not cover any newer devices. This page should be replaced with the new landing page listing all available developer phone models.