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Bug Summary Release
1347127 Enable new console frontend in Browser Toolbox Firefox 61
1409456 Remove toolbox.options.key shortcut (CmdOrCtrl+Shift+O) to toggle devtools options panel Firefox 61
1053898 Show shadow roots in markup view Firefox 61
1436665 WE: onRequestFinished event should be sent even if the Netmonitor UI isn't initialized Firefox 61
1407515 "Open in New Tab" under Developer Toolbar\Network doesn't send POST parameter Firefox 61
1236892 Enabling worker debugging disables Browser Content toolbox debugging ---
956088 Visual indication that source is sourcemapped ---
1145669 Separate out persistent log setting into individual settings for the netmonitor and console ---
1173883 Console should use same JS version as page scripts ---
1347964 [meta] Ship the new Inspector Layout panel ---
1289570 Pref on source maps in the web console ---
1416212 Integrate Pixel Perfect ---
1381648 Dev tools network performance analysis gives incorrect time values Firefox 59
1395367 Highlight iframe when hovering an entry in the iframe document selector Firefox 58
1251658 Turn off the noautohide mode when the browser toolbox is closed, or when the browser is closed Firefox 57
1307880 Show the number of filtered messages Firefox 57
1361296 Add Open in Debugger and Open In Style Editor in context menu Firefox 56
1349561 Introduce UI for disabling browser cache in the Net panel Firefox 56
1373339 Add a button to toggle the CSS shapes highlighter Firefox 56
987877 [markup view] Add "Copy XPath" context menu item for nodes Firefox 56
1294139 [debugger.html] Turn new debugger on by default for all channels Firefox 56
1360495 Add response headers columns Firefox 56
1354504 Autocomplete Network Monitor filters Firefox 55
1356869 Add cookies and set cookies columns Firefox 55
1308694 Introduce a tooltip for the waterfall graph displaying timings Firefox 55
1359681 Tap timeline column to open the timing sidebar panel Firefox 55
1345489 Introduce a new column for protocol version Firefox 55
862855 Add the ability to show/hide more columns in the network panel Firefox 55
1361480 Improve algorithm of 'size' and 'transferred' filters Firefox 55
736882 Request/response details should indicate whether SPDY was used Firefox 55
1350229 Removing Preview side panel Firefox 55
1350234 Move stack trace tooltip to network details panel (sidebar panel) Firefox 55
1353057 Split requests summary button into multiple labels Firefox 55
1356867 Add scheme column to netmonitor Firefox 55
1356871 Add timing related columns Firefox 55
1213767 Make it easier to toggle classes on elements in the inspector Firefox 55
1346326 console.count() should use "default" as the default counter label to follow the latest spec for console Firefox 55
1361473 Add filter option for network requests checking for transferred size being larger than specified value Firefox 55
1275942 Merge startup debugging support from Positron branch Firefox 55
1363307 Add a warning when Console.timeEnd(label) is used with an unknown label Firefox 55
940275 Show top/left/right/bottom properties in the layout view Firefox 55
1350228 Add status bar to put summary text Firefox 55
966209 Add "Save Image As" in request list context menu Firefox 55
1350233 Add [learn more] MDN link for statistics panel Firefox 55
1350235 Support Copy submenu in the Context menu Firefox 55
1335608 Add menu button to access tools when toolbar overflows Firefox 54
1304685 Help debug spacing issues caused by whitespace text nodes Firefox 52
1288511 Land new debugger behind a pref Firefox 51
1300861 Enable new debugger frontend in nightly builds Firefox 51
1287508 New console frontend: Add filter bar Firefox 51
1298230 SyntaxError thrown during querySelector doesn't provide additional information about why it was thrown (selector and node) Firefox 51
1285672 New console frontend: introduce message limit Firefox 50
1172920 DevTools: Map/Set entries should be visible in the Variables view Firefox 48
1188405 Move gDevTools.jsm to a commonjs module Firefox 47
762979 Implement shorlander's line gutter mockup for the source editor Firefox 47
1246215 After an error in a let-declaration initializer, the variable is doomed forever Firefox 47
1025778 Save value as global variable in console Firefox 44
1059727 New API: Toolbox panel initialization events Firefox 35
629607 Convert the Console API to use a proxy instead of the deprecated __noSuchMethod__ Firefox 30
913630 [rule view] Pasting in multiple CSS declarations should automatically split them up Firefox 29
879293 Isolating log messages now requires multiple clicks and use to require only one Firefox 28
805526 Remotable Inspector Firefox 26
777428 debug webapps running in desktop webapp runtime Firefox 26
731311 Network monitor should allow to replay and edit requests Firefox 25
612252 "clear console" needs a keyboard shortcut in a bad way Firefox 24
859756 [browserconsole] Missing nsIConsoleMessages from Browser Console Firefox 24
808370 Use the VariablesView in webconsole Firefox 23
816967 Remotable Style Editor Firefox 23
851231 Output console.jsm API calls to the browser console Firefox 23
837723 [jsdbg2] Debugger should provide a way to get Debugger.Object referents directly Firefox 23
644413 Scratchpads should be able to restore their context via mode-line Firefox 21
808791 Reuse existing scopes in the variables view when faced with name duplicates Firefox 21
795268 Integrate SPS Profiler (JS Only) Firefox 20
796073 [jsdbg2] addDebuggee should not accept non-globals Firefox 19
749316 Put Debugger object into chrome scratchpad Firefox 15
731721 Source Editor stepping support Firefox 14
684445 Orion source editor should have built-in context menu Firefox 13
721324 Allow the source code editor of Scratchpad & StyleEditor to be themed Firefox 13
650345 Implement minimal UI for Find in the Source Editor Firefox 12
612658 Implement ConsoleAPIStorage - add caching for the window.console API Firefox 9
587734 Integrate lazy window console API into WebConsole code Firefox 4.0b8

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Documentation requests

Found 23 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
1228512 Describe JavaScript source mapping in detail
1241469 Explain missing event markers in Performance tool description
1250795 Explain filters in Performance tool
1250796 Performance tool description cannot be reached from within the sidebar menu
1277873 Inspector/HTML editor documentation is misleading - does not adequately reflect the caveats of the tool and its capabilites
1314616 'Menulist Editable' documentation page not found
1330896 Describe error count shown within the GCLI
1345030 Incorrect information in the list of extra tools
1346027 Incorrect information on a keyboard shortcut
1371549 Correct info about new debugger UI
1388425 Write MDN page describing 'replaced console api' message
1399967 Shader Editor Video missing
1416500 activating Firefox debugger from keyboard shortcut keys windows says: option/control/S while Firefox tools suggests: ctl/shift/S
1419001 The current shortcut key documentation fails to explain how to suppress shortcut keys
1421502 Work with animations firefox developer tools not working
1422505 Duplicate link in navigation input type="tel"
1426538 "Debugging Frame Scripts" page needs to be updated
1434271 Console.debug docs return Not found error
1438914 Refresh Rule View page to use updated icon
1443218 no autocomplete in console after Enter
1444105 Devloper Tools Settings option to Enable Persistent logs not present
1450300 Task.jsm Documentation (and Task.js github README) reference
1451901 Is there a way to collapse all about:memory subtrees at once, or open about:memory fully collapsed?

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