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Editorial reviews

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Technical reviews

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Dev-doc-needed bugs

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Bug Summary Release
630874 about:home doesn't work with unpacked omnijar ---
648664 Create an MDC page listing all known XPCOM interface changes from Firefox 4 to 5 ---
934311 Javascript modules don't share definition of Array (and probably all other standard classes like String etc.) ---
1198590 Disable dom.ipc.plugins.asyncInit in Firefox 40.0.3 ---
1282768 Convert permission notifications to use two buttons instead of the drop-down menu Firefox 53
1171746 Some panels stay open when switching or closing tabs Firefox 51
1160200 Add image/apng MIME type so it can be used with `picture` type switching. mozilla48
1014185 Remove the about:customizing preloading hack Firefox 47
1208715 Impose size restriction on extension icons Firefox 44
968923 Implement some equivalent of Chrome's use counters (on top of telemetry?) mozilla43
467729 RFE: Add font autoinstallation support Firefox 38
914596 Support building with Visual C++ 2013 mozilla36
714675 Fullscreen API should restore sidebar if it was open before entering fullscreen Firefox 36
1050944 Get Firefox to launch with the new .app bundle structure Firefox 35
1047738 Make distribution code look for the distribution directory under Contents/Resources due to v2 signing requirements Firefox 35
1032573 Implement Element.getAnimationPlayers mozilla33
998246 Add document.timeline interface mozilla32
947344 Australis - Show shortcuts for all widgets Firefox 32
987492 CustomizableUI.jsm should provide convenience APIs around windows Firefox 31
970321 UITour: Menu panel broken if tour tab is opened in new window Firefox 30
952568 [australis-measuring] Determine if Australis Update experience tab is active Firefox 30
949471 Firefox v26 returns undefined when it should return null mozilla29
942393 Document CustomizableUI Firefox 29
944947 Label truncation is not fully supported in Australis menu widgets Firefox 29
956162 UITour: When highlighting app menu button, highlight is offset to the left (Implement @flip="none") Firefox 29
819900 Please add a File constructor mozilla28
943683 Annotate buttons when we migrate them from the add-on bar to the toolbar. Firefox 28
752434 Stop hiding toolbars for about:addons & Co. Firefox 28
770135 New PanelUI and toolbar customization (Milestone 1) Firefox 28
927605 Refactor keyboard-shortcut-to-text-string code into a JSM or otherwise reusable module Firefox 27
602006 Remove Error Console Menu Items Firefox 24
650295 Add support for speech input mozilla22
844604 Text is too small on hidpi displays Firefox 22
831428 ContentChild's nsIConsoleListener should have threadsafe addref/release methods mozilla21
822367 Implement Mixed Content Blocker Doorhanger - Backend Changes mozilla21
815743 Backout the UA changes in bug 588909 and its follow-ups from all branches mozilla20
737153 Enable mounting storage through USB from a host machine mozilla15
758812 Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1 Firefox 15
641892 Support showing multiple popup notification icons at the same time Firefox 15
736495 Some scripts are importing modules with resource:///gre instead of resource:/// and vice-versa Firefox 14
704400 Implement --enable-dmd mozilla11
706958 Add ClearOnShutdown() function which will clear a smart pointer on shutdown mozilla11
675553 Switch from PRBool to bool mozilla10
480735 Startup timeline mozilla1.9.3a5
462222 getZOrderDOMWindowEnumerator broken on Linux and Mac Firefox 3.6
627386 Add more wildcards to match-pattern 1.0
643156 No mechanism to perform cross-domain HTTP HEAD request with add-on builder ---
773297 widget ui doesn't get updated after customization of toolbar ---
1002229 Add anonymous parameter to Request API ---
994280 It would be nice to have ability to add badge over button mozilla35
1026543 expose the document.readyState property on tab instances (e10s) mozilla33
892203 Expose TextEncoder TextDecoder in SDK mozilla26
852687 nsIDOMWindowUtils should expose getInnerWindowWithId too mozilla24
642447 change default contentScriptWhen to new 'end' option that fires on 'load' event 1.0b5

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Documentation requests

Found 30 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
384348 should have documentation on how to sign an extension
1133353 Broken Theme Tutorial Page FR
1162606 Update add-on docs to cover AMO's automatic signing of extensions
1189770 document-element-inserted documentation is confusing at best
1207849 Add "deprecated" tags and markup to classic add-ons documents
1245339 explain the difference between dev-addons and dev-extensions mailing lists
1256176 typo in SDK-addon localization javascript code example
1257261 selected createProperties for tabs.create should be marked as deprecated
1259260 chrome.manifest is not registered until startup()
1280032 Availability of options pages for webextensions on Firefox Mobile
1287590 Webpage can override WebExtension frames
1292539 The SDK add-on localization documentation about options in preferences is not clear
1315123 Tutorial on MDN for the emoji substitution WebExtension example
1317797 Write a guide to storage in WebExtensions
1321519 manifest.json creator(s), developer(s), contributor(s), translator(s) properties, do they exist, are they documented?
1322213 Add-on version format consistency between docs, AMO, web-ext and browser?
1322750 Write a tutorial on building WebExtension UIs using React
1324310 AddonManager documentation broken due to missing AMInterface template
1324375 Clarify behavior of tabs.remove() Promise when beforeunload blocks removal
1325831 Need clear documentation for sending extension messages in WebExtensions (content script <-> extension)
1329043 WebExtensions resource page
1338153 Add an MDN doc about installing WebExtensions in enterprise environments
1340402 Add-on documentation for how to access external data sources
1343038 Documentation for new themes
1346941 tabs.executeScript() 'frameId' and 'allFrames' are mutually exclusive
1352962 How to develop WebExtensions for mobile (Firefox for Android, Fennec)
1359229 Make clear if an API is available from content scripts or not
1373152 Use arrow functions rather than separate functions for "then" of examples
1375432 Contradictory text
1380729 Document all the sensitive requests that webRequest API doesn't grant access to

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