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This page tracks ongoing documentation work in the MDN Web Workers section. Feel free to contribute!

Note: This list is not yet complete as proper tagging of API pages is still to be done.


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  • Complete references for all Worker interfaces, including all interfaces (and their properties and methods).
    • Update all existing worker documents, including:
      • ...
    • Write interface landing pages and reference pages for all undocumented worker interfaces and their properties and methods.
  • Thorough guide to each type of Worker, covering:
    • Use cases
    • Functional differences
    • Proper usage
  • Guide to choosing the right type of worker for your needs
  • Solid examples that provide adequate coverage for all Worker classes
  • Update all API documentation to indicate whether or not they can be used from workers
    • This means figuring out a standard, easy to spot and understand, method for providing this information.
    • Could we use a badge that appears somewhere near the top of the page?
    • Or does it just go in the info block at the top of the page?
  • Similarly, find places elsewhere on MDN where proposing the use of a worker makes sense and link to appropriate docs.
  • We have a few scattered half-baked tutorials and guides for workers that need to be updated, merged, and/or replaced, including


Tagging standard

  • Grouping tag is: "Web Workers"

Other tasks to do

  • TBD

Tutorial to-do list

  • TBD

Notes for translators

Any notes here? Where do we expect updates, so that localizers don't translate and update too often?


The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

Specification Status Comment
Web Workers Editor's Draft  

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