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    API: WebSockets documentation status

    This page tracks ongoing documentation work in the MDN WebSockets section. Feel free to contribute!

    Note: This list is not yet complete as proper tagging of API pages is still to be done.


    Pages Needs* tags Missing tags Editorial reviews Technical reviews Outdated pages Dev-doc-needed bugs Documentation requests
    3 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 8 (267%) 4 (134%)

    See also localization status of this section.

    Dev-doc-needed bugs

    Found 8 bugs:

    Bug Summary Release
    792831 Implement WebSocket compression extension mozilla37
    1091016 Pref network.websocket.enabled is no longer reasonable mozilla36
    666349 Update WebSocket API to latest draft mozilla11
    695635 tracking bug: unprefix WebSockets mozilla11
    664284 Add HSTS support for websockets mozilla11
    676439 Implement Binary Messages for Websockets mozilla11
    710964 No longer dispatch incoming WebSocket messages in CLOSING state mozilla11
    640003 WebSockets - upgrade to ietf-07 mozilla6

    Browse as bug list.

    Documentation requests

    Found 4 bugs:

    Bug Summary
    664347 Document WebSocket preferences
    934481 Document the WebSocketServer interface
    945719 Broken link to WorkerUtils API on Writing_WebSocket_client_applications
    1115091 Move WebSocket docs into Web/API tree

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    Please help us to localize this documentation into different languages.

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    Tagging standard

    • Grouping tag is: "WebSockets"

    Other tasks to do

    • TBD

    Tutorial to-do list

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    Notes for translators

    Any notes here? Where do we expect updates, so that localizers don't translate and update too often?


    The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

    Specification Status Comment
    The WebSocket API Candidate Recommendation  

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    Topic driver : Eric Shepherd (IRC nickname: sheppy)
    Look at the current status of the 'API/WebSockets' documentation.
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