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    API: WebAudio documentation status

    This page tracks ongoing documentation work in the MDN Web Audio API section. Feel free to contribute!


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    150 2 (2%) 0 (0%) 1 (1%) 47 (32%) 0 (0%) 7 (5%) 0 (0%)

    See also localization status of this section.

    Needs* tags

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    Editorial reviews

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    Technical reviews

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    Dev-doc-needed bugs

    Found 7 bugs:

    Bug Summary Release
    1153783 Implement the `detune` AudioParam for the AudioBufferSourceNode. mozilla40
    1094764 Implement AudioContext.suspend and friends mozilla40
    1007778 Add a devtools API for disabling effect processing AudioNodes mozilla34
    924870 AudioContext.mozAudioChannel attribute mozilla27
    885505 Pref on Web Audio for Firefox 25 mozilla26
    871201 Implement ArrayBufferSourceNode.gain mozilla24
    886165 Hide the alternate names in the spec behind prefs which are turned off by default mozilla24

    Browse as bug list.


    Please help us to localize this documentation into different languages.

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    Writing team

    Primary writer.

    Other MDN contributors may of course participate as well!


    Currently in progress

    chrisdavidmills not currently working on anything, but will start DynamicsCompressorNode soon.

    Tagging standard

    • Grouping tag is: "Web Audio API"

    Other tasks to do

    The currently-supported interfaces have all been documented! It would be great to have getting these tech reviewed though.

    We also have the AudioWorkerNode/AudioWorkerGlobalScope/createAudioWorker stuff to do soon, when it is implemented. It was added to the spec as of 29/08/2014.

    Tutorial to-do list

    • Manipulating audio params
    • Offline audio processing
    • Using script processor nodes

    Notes for translators

    Any notes here? Where do we expect updates, so that localizers don't translate and update too often?


    The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

    Specification Status Comment
    Web Audio API Working Draft  


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