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Bug Summary Release
1324552 Implement BaseAudioContext baseLatency and outputLatency attributes mozilla70
1324545 Implement AudioContext getOutputTimestamp() mozilla70
1456263 ChannelMergerNode constructor should throw errors mozilla70
1350973 Implement new attributes MediaStreamAudioSourceNode and MediaElementAudioSourceNode mozilla70
893020 Make AudioParam.value getter return a value based on the AudioContext.currentTime mozilla69
1553215 Throw when the MediaStream passed to MediaStreamAudioSourceNode does not have an audio track, and implement the correct behaviour mozilla69
1466182 Add AudioWorkletProcessor interface definitions mozilla63
1471843 Remove audioWorklet attribute from Window mozilla63
1470856 Add "AudioWorklet" definition mozilla63
1458446 Add AudioWorkletNode interface definitions mozilla62
1460907 Implement AudioParamMap definitions mozilla62
1460896 Update AudioWorkletGlobalScope definitions mozilla62
1130010 Implement the new AudioNode.disconnect methods mozilla52

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Bug Summary
1249129 HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks documentation is missing detailed information
1267598 Math inconsistency on the definition of linear independency, and other doc inconsistencies in Web Audio.
1333935 Document events and event handlers for AudioNode
1377293 NavigatorUserMediaError thrown during Media Capture
1473176 Document AudioWorklet

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Currently in progress

chrisdavidmills not currently working on anything, but will start DynamicsCompressorNode soon.

Tagging standard

  • Grouping tag is: "Web Audio API"

Other tasks to do

The currently-supported interfaces have all been documented! It would be great to have getting these tech reviewed though.

We also have the AudioWorkerNode/AudioWorkerGlobalScope/createAudioWorker stuff to do soon, when it is implemented. It was added to the spec as of 29/08/2014.

Tutorial to-do list

  • Manipulating audio params
  • Offline audio processing
  • Using script processor nodes

Notes for translators

Any notes here? Where do we expect updates, so that localizers don't translate and update too often?


The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

Specification Status Comment
Web Audio API Working Draft Initial definition


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