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API: IndexedDB documentation status

This page tracks ongoing documentation work in the MDN IndexedDB section. Feel free to contribute!


Pages Needs* tags Missing tags Editorial reviews Technical reviews Outdated pages Missing pages Dev-doc-needed bugs Documentation requests
101 2 (2%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 5 (5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 7 (7%) 4 (4%)

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Needs* tags

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Technical reviews

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Dev-doc-needed bugs

Found 7 bugs. Learn more about how to resolve a dev-doc-needed bug.

Bug Summary Release
1271506 Support of IDBObjectStore.getKey mozilla51
1271505 Support of IDBCursor.continuePrimaryKey mozilla51
1151017 Support the "close" event on databases mozilla50
1246828 Push shutdown back to profile-before-change2 mozilla50
1196841 Add EnforceRange to getAll/getAllKeys to match the spec, and expose them unconditionally mozilla44
975699 Remove mozIndexedDB again mozilla38
1006485 FileHandle: Rename FileHandle to MutableFile and LockedFile to FileHandle mozilla33

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Documentation requests

Found 4 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
1231081 IDBRequest.onsuccess and onerror docs missing event explanation
1248269 Example is irrelevant to the page topic
1273290 Incorrect Usage Example of IDBTransaction
1282948 IndexedDB: Cover transaction types and transaction upgrades in more detail

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ko 110 3 (2%) 1 (33%)
pl 95 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
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ru 101 2 (1%) 0 (0%)
zh-CN 95 2 (2%) 0 (0%)


Tagging standard

  • The tag "Indexed DB API" is the one to use.
  • We also list here pages with the deprecated "indexeddb" tag.

Other tasks to do

  • TBD

Tutorial to-do list

  • TBD

Notes for translators

Any notes here? Where do we expect updates, so that localizers don't translate and update too often?


The following specifications are tracked by this status page:


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