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798875 Implement IndexedDB synchronous API ---
1246828 Push shutdown back to profile-before-change2 mozilla50
975699 Remove mozIndexedDB again mozilla38
1006485 FileHandle: Rename FileHandle to MutableFile and LockedFile to FileHandle mozilla33

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Bug Summary
1248269 Example is irrelevant to the page topic
1273290 Incorrect Usage Example of IDBTransaction
1282948 IndexedDB: Cover transaction types and transaction upgrades in more detail
1301657 Document IndexedDB's 'blocked' event
1357498 Does not explain how IndexedDB decides whether to update an existing record or add a new one
1357500 Index documentation doesn't mention what types the indexed fields can be
1357624 List of IDBKeyRange methods should call out which methods can be called on the global IDBKeyRange object, and which ones can be called on a IDBKeyRange instance
1358699 IDBVersionChangeEvent.oldVersion doesn't mention what oldVersion is on first setup
1358700 IDBDatabase.deleteObjectStore() should have a more reasonable example and describe how to handle upgrades vs first setup
1358701 IDBObjectStore.put should mention that you have to supply the primary key in the second argument if you want to modify a record and your object store uses an autoIncrement key
1358702 IDBObjectStore.put should recommend calling cursor.update instead, if you want to modify a record that you have a cursor to
1358704 IDBObjectStore.delete mentions a "cursor" in the InvalidStateError description - which cursor is it talking about?
1358705 IDBObjectStore.delete should suggest using cursor.delete() instead, if you have a cursor
1358707 IDBCursor.update and IDBCursor.delete documentation should mention that it cannot be used on cursors obtained through index.openKeyCursor
1358922 IDBFactory.deleteDatabase() should mention that attempting to delete a non-existent database is not an error
1374973 Shouldn't success only be reported from the transaction and not from the request?

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