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API: HTML API documentation status

This page tracks ongoing documentation work in the MDN HTML API section. Feel free to contribute!

Note: This list is not yet complete as proper tagging of API pages is still to be done.


Pages Needs* tags Missing tags Editorial reviews Technical reviews Outdated pages Missing pages Dev-doc-needed bugs Documentation requests
313 160 (52%) 0 (0%) 2 (1%) 18 (6%) 20 (7%) 641 (205%) 66 (22%) 5 (2%)

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Needs* tags

Found 160 pages. Learn more about how to deal with meta-tags.

Editorial reviews

Found 2 pages. Learn more about how to do an editorial review.

Technical reviews

Found 18 pages. Learn more about how to do a technical review.

Outdated pages

Found 20 pages. These pages haven't been updated in over a year. Outdated pages can have problems with both content and format. Look at these pages and consider: Is this page talking about the Web of today? Does it look consistent with newer pages in this topic area? If not, make any needed changes.

Missing pages

Found 641 pages. These pages are not yet written. Please help to create them.

Dev-doc-needed bugs

Found 66 bugs. Learn more about how to resolve a dev-doc-needed bug.

Bug Summary Release
1195801 Add API function for fetching Microdata data to the Browser API FxOS-S8 (02Oct)
816730 [Activities] filters do not work anymore B2G C3 (12dec-1jan)
647621 Implement document.charset mozilla44
640953 Apply spec changes to <progress> (if needed) ---
344618 Implement <input type="range"> ---
859868 Turn off <input type=range> on v22 ---
913315 selectedIndex incorrect when <option> replaced dynamically via .innerHTML .... ---
959992 Firefox 26 creates enumerable properties on window for ids of <img> tags mozilla42
1163961 Browser API: page search mozilla41
1165851 document.createAttribute can not get their own Added attributes mozilla41
707484 [XHR2] Allow setting XHR responseType and withCredentials before open mozilla38
839838 Add .then() method to DOMRequest mozilla36
757859 Add a getHeight/getWidth/onResize methods to mozbrowser mozilla35
880997 Reflect crossOrigin as a limited enumerated attribute mozilla35
716491 Investigate the status code for non-HTTP XHR. mozilla35
1073882 XMLHttpRequest.prototype.responseURL should not have fragment per latest spec mozilla35
1042798 document.write throws a security exception when called through NPAPI mozilla34
1018497 Implement DOMMatrix mozilla33
1034304 HTMLMediaElement NS_DECL_NSIDOMHTMLMEDIAELEMENTs, but doesn't inherit from nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement mozilla33
597650 <label> should not apply on <input type='hidden'> mozilla33
998076 implement responseURL attribute for XMLHttpRequest mozilla32
1009935 Implement the @autocomplete attribute for values other than off/on mozilla32
738196 document.styleSheets should be iterable mozilla31
859095 URL property of document returned by XMLHttpRequest does not follow the spec mozilla31
843840 document.documentElement.getElementsByTagName('select') finds select tag with id twice when enumerating the list mozilla31
844744 Make <input type=number> use ICU when available to support localized number input mozilla29
946398 Flip the pref to enable <input type=number> mozilla29
344616 Implement <input type="number"> mozilla29
962313 Disable <input type=number> for v28 mozilla28
696451 re-load <img> when @crossorigin is updated mozilla27
836922 CSP : support multiple policies mozilla26
596681 Implement HTMLSelectElement selectedOptions IDL attribute mozilla26
884332 Limit <input type='email'>'s value to have labels of 63 chars max mozilla26
824652 crypto.generateCRMFRequest bypasses CSP (allows script execution from a string, without unsafe-eval) mozilla26
717181 Make <fieldset> invalid if they contain an invalid form control mozilla26
813034 Implement table.createTBody mozilla25
883928 Firefox 23: Components.classes[";1"] is undefined mozilla25
850804 setting innerHTML doesn't remove all checkboxes mozilla24
851470 Move Attr to Paris bindings mozilla23
841948 Flip the pref to enable <input type=range> on Nightly and Aurora mozilla22
851090 Make <input type=range> fire "change"/"input" events as appropriate mozilla22
771331 Password manager would really like to know when <input type=password> is added to the DOM mozilla22
801635 Disable <input type='file'> on B2G v1 mozilla21
746978 sync CSP directive parsing and directive names with w3c CSP 1.0 spec mozilla21
783049 CSP : use existing/old parser for X-Content-Security-Policy header, new/CSP 1.0 spec compliant parser for Content-Security-Policy header mozilla21
803765 Document aRequestPrincipal in nsIContentPolicy.idl mozilla19
746142 Add @inputmode to input element mozilla17
774556 Remove nsIDOMWindowPerformance* XPCOM interfaces mozilla17
657938 Implement content part of the meter element mozilla16
660238 Add pseudo-class to access optimal, sub-optimal and sub-sub-optimal <meter> elements mozilla16
748238 HTMLMeterElement should not be form controls mozilla16
767134 Stuff principal for forms in the contentpolicy calls mozilla16
657953 Implement the basic layout of the meter element mozilla16
661252 Meter with "-moz-orient: vertical;" should have vertical dimensions by default mozilla16
764481 Add pref to enable landing of experimental forms features mozilla16
565274 Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls for custom MIME types mozilla16
722857 DOMStorage should obtain Private Browsing information from related docshell mozilla15
740192 Screen orientation needs a specific security model for installed web apps mozilla15
751035 Remove various unused nsHTML*Element related methods mozilla15
716107 Better key input support in DOM full-screen mode mozilla15
737122 Attr nodes shouldn't have children mozilla14
727530 XHR for data URIs should support content-type header field mozilla13
706672 Exit DOM full-screen on windowed plugin focus mozilla11
677085 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLFrameElement mozilla10
691583 Dispatch event when restricted key input occurs in DOM full-screen mode mozilla10
617528 implement the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute) mozilla8

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Documentation requests

Found 5 bugs. Documentation request bugs can contain various kinds work related to MDN pages. Read through the bug and ask questions in the bug if in doubt.

Bug Summary
1048587 Document the HTMLImageElement interface members
1058333 Navigation: Difficult to find event handler info from HTML element page
1148422 Broken link for HTML5 in Event reference | MDN
1207609 HTMLFormElement has no 'namedItem' method
1208712 Incorrect code snippet explaining

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Language Pages Translated Translations up to date
fr 290 78 (26%) 17 (21%)

List of pages with an old layout

  1. HTMLBodyElement
  2. HTMLBRElement
  3. HTMLButtonElement
  4. HTMLCanvasElement
  5. HTMLDataElement
  6. HTMLDataListElement
  7. HTMLDivElement
  8. HTMLDListElement
  9. HTMLElement
  10. HTMLEmbedElement
  11. HTMLFieldSetElement
  12. HTMLFormControlsCollection
  13. HTMLFormElement
  14. HTMLHeadElement
  15. HTMLHeadingElement
  16. HTMLHRElement
  17. HTMLHtmlElement
  18. HTMLIFrameElement
  19. HTMLImageElement
  20. HTMLInputElement
  21. HTMLKeygenElement
  22. HTMLKeygenElement
  23. HTMLLabelElement
  24. HTMLLegendElement
  25. HTMLLIElement
  26. HTMLMediaElement
  27. HTMLModElement
  28. HTMLObjectElement
  29. HTMLOptGroupElement
  30. HTMLOptionElement
  31. HTMLOutputElement
  32. HTMLParagraphElement
  33. HTMLPreElement
  34. HTMLQuoteElement
  35. HTMLScriptElement
  36. HTMLSelectElement
  37. HTMLSourceElement
  38. HTMLTableCaptionElement
  39. HTMLTableColElement
  40. HTMLTextAreaElement
  41. HTMLTrackElement
  42. App
  43. ArrayBuffer
  44. ArrayBufferView
  45. BlobBuilder
  46. CanvasRenderingContext2D
  47. CloseEvent
  48. CompositionEvent
  49. Connection
  50. Coordinates
  51. CustomEvent
  52. DataTransfer
  53. DataView
  54. DirectoryEntry
  55. DirectoryEntrySync
  56. DirectoryReader
  57. DirectoryReaderSync
  58. DocumentType
  59. DOMConfiguration
  60. DOMError
  61. DOMException
  62. DOMImplementationList
  63. DOMStringMap
  64. DOMTokenList
  65. element
  66. Entry
  67. EntrySync
  68. EventListener
  69. EventSource
  70. FileEntry
  71. FileEntrySync
  72. FileError
  73. FileException
  74. FileList
  75. FileReaderSync
  76. FileSystem
  77. FileSystemSync
  78. FormData
  79. History
  80. IDBCursorSync
  81. IDBDatabaseException
  82. IDBDatabaseSync
  83. IDBEnvironmentSync
  84. IDBFactorySync
  85. IDBIndexSync
  86. IDBObjectStoreSync
  87. IDBTransactionSync
  88. IDBVersionChangeRequest
  89. KeyboardEvent
  90. LocalFileSystem
  91. LocalFileSystemSync
  92. Location
  93. MediaQueryList
  94. MediaQueryListListener
  95. MessageEvent
  96. MouseScrollEvent
  97. MouseWheelEvent
  98. MutationObserver
  99. NamedNodeMap
  100. NameList
  101. NodeList
  102. NotifyAudioAvailableEvent
  103. Plugin
  104. PluginArray
  105. PositionError
  106. PositionOptions
  107. ProcessingInstruction
  108. ProgressEvent
  109. RTCPeerConnection
  110. StorageEvent
  111. TextDecoder
  112. TextEncoder
  113. TextMetrics
  114. TimeRanges
  115. UIEvent
  116. ValidityState
  117. WebGLRenderingContext
  118. WebSocket
  119. WheelEvent
  120. XMLHttpRequest
  121. XMLHttpRequestEventTarget


Tagging standard

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Tutorial to-do list

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Notes for translators

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The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

Specification Status Comment
Fullscreen API Living Standard  
Notifications API Living Standard  
XMLHttpRequest Living Standard  
Server-Sent Events Recommendation  
WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format Draft  
WHATWG HTML Living Standard Living Standard  
HTML5 Recommendation  
HTML 4.01 Specification Recommendation  
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML Specification Recommendation  
 HTML Editing APIs  Editor's Draft  
Timing control for script-based animations Candidate Recommendation  

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