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Bug Summary Release
1407789 Web Authentication - Prohibit cross-site iframes Future
1181561 Exposing a kill switch enabling/disabling API FxOS-S6 (04Sep)
900551 Provide a mechanism to get/set shared background image for privileged apps using mozSettings 2.1 S4 (12sep)
745283 Expose a client UDP datagram socket API to web applications 2.1 S3 (29aug)
846200 Support for granting the 'settings' permission on a per-permission basis 2.1 S3 (29aug)
878533 WebSMS: Move SmsFilter to WebIDL dictionary 2.1 S3 (29aug)
855952 [DeviceStorage] support append file operation on b2g device 2.0 S4 (20june)
814637 WebIccManager API: support multiple sim cards 1.3 Sprint 5 - 11/22
814629 [DSDS] WebMobileConnection API: support multiple sim cards 1.3 Sprint 5 - 11/22
885679 B2G MMS: Add 'subject' to {Thread} object. 1.3 Sprint 4 - 11/8
885701 [DOMRequest] Implement DOMRequestService.fireDetailedError 1.1 QE3 (26jun)
823974 Geolocation should require a manifest entry for apps B2G C4 (2jan on)
813978 B2G SMS: getMessages cursor is slow when SMS database contains large number of messages B2G C4 (2jan on)
778093 B2G RIL: support Cell Broadcast B2G C2 (20nov-10dec)
775997 Message app crashes when run OOP B2G C1 (to 19nov)
857414 [meta] B2G RIL: Move all icc/sim-related stuff from mozMobileConnection to mozIccManager ---
1065729 [meta] Implement the FIDO Alliance u2f javascript API ---
902565 this.done in cursor callback of naviagtor.getDeviceStorage("sdcard").enumerate is undefined ---
856971 WebSMS: s/nsIDOMMozSmsFilter/nsIDOMMozMobileMessageFilter for a generic term ---
1057169 Implement Network Information API on desktop platforms ---
805130 Add error codes for validation failures in navigator.mozPay() ---
1539178 Increase threshold of gamepad joystick activation 81 Branch
1640086 [GamePad] Add permission policy "self" for "gamepad" mozilla80
1591329 [GamePad] Require secure context for getGamePads() in Nightly mozilla79
1201590 Implement DOM Bindings for WebMIDI API mozilla60
1430947 Navigator.credentials is not [SecureContext] mozilla59
1428918 Web Authentication - Enable in Nightly mozilla59
1205649 Change device orientation to send relative events; add absolute device orientation event mozilla46
915880 Add onclose event handlers in the MozInterAppMessagePort mozilla45
1137557 CompositionManager and forms.js should be redesigned with nsITextInputProcessor for conforming to DOM Level 3 Events (D3E) mozilla43
1037329 [b2g] Implement SystemUpdate WebAPI mozilla42
1036604 Add VRDevice interface and getVRDevices mozilla36
1022193 Add a "forceIdSelection" to navigator.getMobileIdAssertion mozilla33
987954 [Camera][Gecko] Remove last direct JS_*() calls from DOMCameraControl.cpp mozilla32
988469 MSISDN verification API for privileged apps mozilla32
876980 Expose mozAlarms API to installed apps on Firefox desktop mozilla31
910412 Change DeviceStorage API to use FileSystem API spec mozilla30
811635 B2G Wifi: Support Wifi Direct mozilla29
858005 B2G Network Stats: Add support to usage alarms mozilla28
903403 [sms][mms] Make getSegmentInfoForText() Asynchronous to Improve Typing Performance mozilla26
772765 B2G telephony: support conference calls mozilla26
883923 Provide a Fuzzy Matcher API for phone numbers mozilla26
876397 Inter-App Communication API mozilla26
850140 B2G MMS: implement MmsService.handleDeliveryIndication() to handle delivery report mozilla25
860585 B2G RIL: Move cardLock related API from mozMobileConnection to mozIccManager mozilla24
876936 Alarm API should immediately fire alarms set in the 'past' rather than error. mozilla24
823958 There is no way to know if navigator.mozTelephony is ready to access calls infos mozilla24
854790 B2G SMS & MMS: support filtering by thread ID mozilla23
849739 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.getThreads() mozilla23
843445 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.retrieveMMS() to retrieve MMS for the deferred retrieval mode mozilla23
858416 Device Storage - Create a composite interface mozilla23
847741 B2G RIL: Move mozContact.getSimContacts to IccManager mozilla23
849741 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.onreceived event mozilla22
844431 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager interface (with sendMMS() first) mozilla22
847738 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.getMessage() mozilla22
850530 B2G MMS: Use the same attribute name for delivery (s/state/delivery) like SMS mozilla22
847736 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.delete() mozilla22
810067 B2G MMS: support automatic/manual/never retrieval modes mozilla22
847756 B2G MMS: provide nsIDOMMobileMessageManager.markMessageRead() mozilla22
840780 (webicc) WebICC - Secure Elements mozilla22
834595 Create a device storage api which only returns media state (ready, unavailable, etc..) mozilla21
804754 B2G MMS: support UAProfile in HTTP header mozilla20
811605 B2G RIL: enable ril debugging output in run-time mozilla19
787420 B2G RIL: add setting for switching between 2G/3G mozilla18
795047 Wifi: Add support for scan_ssid to search for hidden networks mozilla18
777665 [b2g-bluetooth] hook up to settings API mozilla18
791935 B2G STK: Implement 'MT Call Event', 'Call Connected' and 'Call Disconnected' Envelope commands mozilla18
736710 Voicemail API based on SMS Message Waiting mozilla17
715788 Add A-GPS support for gonk mozilla17
759637 B2G RIL: Add DOM APIs for automatic and manual network selection mode mozilla16
738528 Android still image support for getUserMedia mozilla16
761482 WebMobileConnection: make {voice|data}.operator an nsIDOMMozMobileOperatorInfo mozilla16
729173 WebMobileConnection mozilla14

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API Landing pages

  • Proximity Events (needs "landification", extract info for tutorial, then to be moved)
  • Vibration API (needs "landification", extract info for tutorial, then to be moved)
  • Geolocation API (missing)
  • Gamepad API
  • Device Orientation API (missing)
  • Battery API (needs "landification", extract info for tutorial, then to be moved)
  • Ambient Light Events
  • Network Information API (needs "landification", extract info for tutorial, then to be moved)

Tagging standard

Other tasks to do

  • Remove Experimental for Battery API pages, Proximity Events pages and Ambient Light pages: these specs reached CR.

Tutorials list and status

Notes for translators

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The Device API WG (DAP WG) at the W3C maintains a list of specification.

The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

Specification Status Comment
Vibration API Recommendation Tagged Vibration API
Battery Status API Candidate Recommendation Tagged Battery API
Geolocation API Recommendation Tagged Geolocation API
DeviceOrientation Event Specification Editor's Draft Tagged Device Orientation API
Ambient Light Sensor Candidate Recommendation Tagged Ambient Light Events
Proximity Sensor Working Draft Tagged Proximity Events
Network Information API Draft Tagged Network Information API
Gamepad Working Draft Tagged Gamepad API

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