This article's purpose is to help writers find the developers who have the answers for various technologies. If you're an engineer on any Mozilla project, please make sure your technology is on this list and that your contact information is provided.

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Technology Expert's name Email IRC nick Twitter ID
Web Audio API        
Add-ons Manager Blair McBride   unfocused  
WebRTC Maire Reavy   mreavy  
Social API Gavin Sharp   gavin  
Shane Caraveo   mixedpuppy  
Debugging (Mobile/Firefox OS) Panagiotis Astithas   past
WebTelephony Ben Turner   bent  
WebSMS Mounir Lamouri   mounir  
Vibration API Justin Lebar   jlebar  
Idle API Jonas Sicking   sicking  
Screen Orientation Mounir Lamouri   mounir  
Settings API Gregor Wagner   gwagner  
Power Management API Justin Lebar   jlebar  
Mobile Connection API Philipp von Weitershousen   philikon  
TCP Socket API Donovan Preston   fzzzy donovanpreston
Geolocation API Josh Matthews   jdm  
WiFi Information API Vincent Chang, Blake Kaplan   vchang, mrbkap  
Device Storage API Doug Turner   dougt  
Contacts API Gregor Wagner, Tantek   gwagner, tantek  
Mouse Lock API David Humphrey, Chris Pearce, Olli Pettay   humph, cpearse, smaug  
Open Web Apps, general Anant Narayan, Fabrice Desre   anant, fabrice  
Open Web Apps, payments Kumar McMillan, Andy McKay   kumar, andym  
Network Information API Mounir Lamouri, John Shih   mounir, jshih  
Battery Status API Mounir Lamouri, Jonas Sicking   mounir, sicking  
Alarm API Gene Lian   genelian  
Browser API Justin Lebar, Dale Harvey, Ben Francis   jlebar, daleharvey, benfrancis  
Time/Click API Steven Lee      
Web Activities Mounir Lamouri, Fabrice Deseré   mounir, fabrice  
Workers Ben Turner, Jonas Sicking   bent, sicking  
Push Notifications Thinker Lee      
HTML5 Forms Mounir Lamouri   mounir  
Permissions API Gregor Wagner   gwagner  
WebFM API Steven Lee, Pin Zhang      
FileHandle API Jonas Sicking, Jan Varga   sicking, janv  
MediaStreams Robert O'Callahan   roc  
Network Stats API Albert Crespell, John Shih   acperez, jshih  
WebPayment Fernando Jimenez, Kumar McMillan   ferjm, kumar f_jimenez
IndexedDB Jonas Sicking   sicking  
Archive API Andrea Marchesini   baku  
Ambient Light Sensor Doug Turner      
Proximity Sensor Doug Turner      
Resource Lock API Kan-Ru Chen      
UDP Datagram Socket API Donovan Preston      
USB File Reading API Thinker Li      
Camera API Mike Habicher   mikeh  
Peer to Peer API Randell Jesup   rjesup  
WebNFC  Garner Lee      
WebUSB Andreas Gal      
HTTP Cache API        
Calendar API  Tantek Çelik, Gregor Wagner   tantek,gwagner  
Spellcheck API        
Background Services Mounir Lamouri      
LogAPI José M. Cantera, Telefónica      
Keyboard/IME API Fabrice Desré, Mounir Lamouri      
Accessibility David Bolter, Alexander Surkov   davidb, surkov  
OS.File API David Rajchenbach-Teller   yoric ImYoric
Automation & Test Frameworks Clint Talbert, Dave Hunt, Joel Maher   ctalbert, davehunt, jmaher  
MySQL / SQL Queries Sheeri Cabral, #db in IRC   sheeri @sheeri
Networking (Necko) Patrick McManus   mcmanus  
Data Store API Gene Lian, Andrea Marchesini   baku (Andrea)  

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