Documentation bugs

Types of doc bugs

One of the main ways that that the MDN writing team gets requests for new documentation or documentation changes is through Bugzilla. This article describes how to use bugs to note when documentation updates are needed. Within Bugzilla, doc requests occur in two ways:

When a Mozilla product bug results in new features, or modifies existing ones, that affect documentation on MDN, the development team adds the keyword "dev-doc-needed" to the bug. This sends a notification to the MDN team. (MDN team members often abbreviate "dev-doc-needed" to "DDN".)
Documentation requests
When someone notices that a document on MDN is incorrect or incomplete, they can file a bug on Bugzilla to request that it be fixed.

MDN documentation bug triage

Every week (currently Tuesday at 17:30 UTC), the MDN writing team holds a doc request triage meeting to review all new DDN bugs and doc request bugs, using a tracking spreadsheet. The team assigns bugs to people attending the meeting. See the MDN meetings wiki page for details on joining the meeting.

How to help

If you're interested in working on DDN or doc request bugs:

  • Attend the meeting, if that's feasible for you. Don't worry — you won't get assigned any bugs just because you show up! But if during the meeting you see a bug that you're interested in working on, please do speak up. The person who would otherwise take the bug can help you figure out what you need to do to make the appropriate changes on MDN. They will also appreciate the help!
  • If you can't attend the meeting, watch for the list of triaged bugs, look for any that you might want to help with; contact the person who the bug is assigned to, just as in the previous case.

If you see a bug from the triage meeting (or any MDN bug that isn't done). contact the person assigned to the bug,

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