MDN’s new design is in Beta! A sneak peek:

New Compatibility Tables Beta

You're probably here because you followed the beta notice link from one of our new compatibility tables. (No? Want to see the new tables? Make yourself a beta tester.)

Thanks for helping us test these. They're part of a much larger project to serve our compatibility data from an API.

For now, we're adding the new tables on a page-by-page basis where we think the data is complete.


For now, contributors will need special permissions to update the data in the new tables. If you want to to update compatibility information please edit the old table as usual, it may take some time for your edits to be reflected in the new tables.

How to help

If you find an inconsistancy between the old table and the new or if something is wrong with how the new one is displaying, please click the "report an error" button next to the table in which you found the problem. For now, that's all we need!

If you have a moment, we'd appreciate it if you could take our survey.

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