Localizing MDN

Since December 14th 2020, MDN has been running on the new GitHub-based Yari platform. This has a lot of advantages for MDN, but we've needed to make radical changes to the way in which we handle localization. This is because we've ended up with a lot of unmaintained and out-of-date content in our non-en-US locales, and we want to manage it better in the future.

We have frozen all localized content (meaning that we won't accept any edits to it; it'll be read-only), EXCEPT for the below locales — these locales have dedicated teams taking responsibility for maintaining them.

Active locales

Note: If you want to contribute to one of the existing active locales, or want to discuss unfreezing a currently frozen locale, get in touch with one of the active members listed below, or contact us for help.

Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)

Chinese (zh-CN, zh-TW)

French (fr)

Japanese (ja)

Korea (ko)

Russian (ru)

Other MDN localization

For the moment, the new MDN platform UI will only be in English. This is a problem that we are going to get to later on.

KumaScript macros are still going to work on the new MDN platform, but we will eventually phase them out as we build up the new platform. For now, they will continue to work as before, and are still edited via pull requests to the macro files inside the Yari repo.

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