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    Per-locale RSS feeds

    You can monitor RSS feeds for each language, so that you are alerted to changes on a given language's contents. This page provides a list of those feeds; you should add the appropriate one for your language when you start your localization project.

    Target Locale Language Feed URL
    Arabian ar عربي
    Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD বাঙ্গালী
    Catalan ca català
    Czech cs Čeština
    German de Deutsch
    Greek el Ελληνικά
    English en-US English
    Spanish es Español
    Persian fa فارسی
    Finnish fi suomi
    French fr Français
    Frisian fy-NL Frysk
    Georgian (Ireland) ga-IE Gaeilge (Éire)
    Hebrew he עברית
    Croatian hr Hrvatski
    Hungarian hu Magyar
    Indonesian id Bahasa Indonesia
    Italian it Italiano
    Japanese ja 日本語
    Georgian ka ქართული
    Korean ko 한국어
    Dutch nl Nederlands
    Polish pl Polski
    Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Português (do Brasil)
    Portuguese (Europe) pt-PT Português (Europeu)
    Romanian ro română
    Russian ru Русский
    Albanian sq Shqip
    Thai th ไทย
    Turkish tr Türkçe
    Vietnamese vi Tiếng Việt
    Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN 中文 (简体)
    Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW 正體中文 (繁體)

    If you want to get a customized feed, please read: Feeds

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