How to update API page layout

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Over time, MDN's guidelines for page layout and style have changed. A lot of API reference pages need to be updated to match the new style guidelines.

Where does it need to be done? Within the articles listed as requiring these updates: "List of pages with the old layout" in Documentation status
What do you need to know to do the task?
  • Ability to write basic English sentences.
  • Ability to use a text editor.
  • Ability to apply standardized formatting.
  • Understanding of the parts of an API reference page.
What are the steps to do it?
  1. Pick an article that needs its layout updated.
  2. Follow these instructions: (right-click > View Image to enlarge the diagrams)

  3. Once you are done, edit the list of pages that need updating and strike through the page you just fixed!


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