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    How to tag JavaScript pages

    Tagging consists of adding meta-information to pages so that related content can be grouped, for example in the search tool.

    Where does it need to be done? Within specific JavaScript-related pages without tags
    What do you need to know to do the task?
    • Basic JavaScript coding knowledge, like knowing what a method or a property is.
    What are the steps to do it?
    1. Choose one of the pages in the list linked above.
    2. Click on the article link to load the page.
    3. Once the page has loaded, click the EDIT button near its top; this puts you into the MDN editor.
    4. At least the tag JavaScript should be added. Here are some other possible tags to add:
      Tag What pages to use it on
      Method methods
      Property properties
      prototype prototypes
      Object type name methods of an object; for example String.fromCharCode should have the tag String
      ECMAScript6 and Experimental features added in a new ECMAScript version
      Deprecated deprecated features (whose use is discouraged but still supported)
      Obsolete obsolete features (which are no longer supported in modern browsers)
      others See MDN tagging standards for other possible tags to apply
    5. Save with a comment.
    6. You're done!


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