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Mozilla Developer Network の wikiが提供する、WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get 見たままが得られる) エディタを使って、簡単に新しいコンテンツを提供することができます。  MDN エディタガイドはエディタの使い方と、あなたの生産性を向上させる便利な機能について、いくつかの情報を提供します。

MDN スタイルガイドは、我々が推奨する文法やスペルのルールを含め、コンテンツ自体をフォーマットし、スタイルを設定する方法についての情報を提供しています。

Creating and editing links
Creating redirects
Sometimes you need to have a page that simply redirects to another page, or to a section of another page. This article describes how to create redirects.
MDN editor basics
Editing content on MDN is easy; you can use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to create, edit, and improve articles and other pages almost anywhere on the site.
Using the live sample system
MDN supports turning sample code displayed in articles into running samples the reader can look at in action. These live samples can include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in any combination.
Working with images
It's frequently useful to include images in articles. Images may be screenshots, examples of what a rendering should look like, or SVG diagrams of program flow, for example. This article describes how to use images in MDN content.
Working with tables
Tables are a useful way to present information; this article covers how to create and maintain tables on MDN and when you should and should not use them.

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